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Premier League tickets

Step into the world of English football's crown jewel – the Premier League. Share the passion in every stadium chant, goal celebration, and match's electric atmosphere. Meet historic clubs, witness top-tier talent, and join millions of fans worldwide in celebrating every moment. Get your Premier League tickets now!
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Why visitfootball.com for your Premier League tickets?

No one sits alone With even numbers, no one sits alone. If the numbers are odd, we can almost always place you together if you contact us.
Official tickets With us you get real match tickets. You will receive this digitally.
Match guarantee In many cases you are protected in the event of a match relocation.
Always available in case of emergency We are available by telephone 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy Premier League football tickets at Visitfootball.com. We’ve been providing top-notch football experiences since 2011, always ensuring the best seats at affordable prices and tailored to your preferences. We don't sell hospitality tickets.
When purchasing tickets, you can learn about your seating arrangement by selecting the category you want to sit in. The options are separated into categories, each providing unique perspectives and experiences catering to all football fans.
You can ensure you’re seated with friends or family during the match if you buy an even number of tickets in one transaction. For odd numbers, please contact us before you make your purchase.
You will get Premier League tickets via Mobile tickets. You will get an email up to 5 days before your game with all the details to ensure a seamless entry experience at the stadium.
Yes, we offer comprehensive Premier League football trips that include match tickets, flights, and hotel accommodations. Reach out to us or make a quote to customise a package according to your preferences.
No, we don't sell Premier League away tickets. We mainly sell home tickets that will take you to enjoy the home stadiums.

Premier League Ticket Delivery

You will receive mobile tickets five days before your match. Your passes could be either NFC or QR/Barcode tickets.

You’ll also get important information and other travel components if you’ve booked flights and accommodation.

The tickets ensure a traditional and smooth stadium entrance to your chosen seating category.


Why Buy Premier League Tickets?

The Premier League is not just a football league. It's a global phenomenon. The thrill, the passion, the drama it's unmatched!

Buying a ticket to a Premier League match ensures not only a 90-minute spectacle of world-class football but also an immersive cultural experience. The roaring crowd, the iconic chants, and the timeless traditions form an experience that's incomparable to watching it on TV.

With every ticket, you get a memory that will last a lifetime. Find the best Premier League tickets and watch Premier League clubs play from privileged seats!

Premier League Football Trip Opportunities

When planning your Premier League trip, you should also explore the options to visit the four top cities.

Are you interested in historic parks, football tours, or unique stadium visits?

Here’s what you can do while waiting if you're looking to buy English Premier League tickets like:


Home to the mighty Liverpool FC and the Toffees, Everton FC, Liverpool is a haven for football enthusiasts.


  • Anfield Stadium Tour: Dive into Liverpool FC’s history. Walk through the players' tunnel and touch the renowned "This is Anfield" sign.
  • Goodison Park: Get an insight into Everton’s history, one of the founding members of the Football League.
  • The Beatles Story: Embrace the musical legacy of The Beatles in their hometown.


A city divided by two footballing giants, Manchester United and Manchester City, where you can explore critical locations such as:

  • Old Trafford: Visit the 'Theatre of Dreams' and delve into the rich history of Manchester United.
  • Etihad Stadium Tour: Explore the modern marvel of Etihad and chart the meteoric rise of Manchester City.
  • Manchester's Football Walk: Discover the city's football heritage by walking through iconic locations, both historical and modern.


The sprawling metropolis houses six Premier League giants, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace, West Ham United, and Fulham.


London allows you to explore multiple locations while waiting for your matches:

  • Emirates Stadium: Take a tour and immerse yourself in Arsenal's rich legacy.
  • Stamford Bridge: Walk around Chelsea's fortress and indulge at Frankie's Sports Bar & Grill.
  • Spurs Experience: Experience Tottenham's home and enjoy the panoramic views of the city from the Sky Walk.
  • Selhurst Park: Step into Crystal Palace's home turf and feel the passionate energy of the Eagles.
  • London Stadium: Trace West Ham United's journey from the Boleyn Ground to this iconic modern arena.
  • Craven Cottage: Nestled on the banks of the Thames, Fulham's historic ground offers a serene yet electric matchday experience.


As England's second-largest city, Birmingham boasts a rich industrial past, a vibrant cultural scene, and a passionate football heart, especially with Aston Villa's presence.

Here you can visit:


  • Villa Park: Wander through one of England's most iconic football venues, feeling the history and passion of the Villa fans.
  • Bullring & Grand Central: Why not indulge in retail therapy after a game? The Bullring is one of the UK's largest shopping centres, offering a blend of high-end brands and local treasures.
  • Birmingham Back to Backs: This National Trust property offers a glimpse into the lives of the working class during the 19th century. It's an immersive experience that allows visitors to understand the city's industrial roots.
  • Cadbury World: Not directly football-related, but a must-visit. Dive into the world of chocolate, learn about its history, and enjoy some free samples.

About Premier League Football History

Established in 1992, the Premier League has grown exponentially, becoming the most-watched sports league in the world.

It originates from the Football League First Division, England's primary football competition since its inception in 1888. The Premier League emerged as a breakaway comprising 22 clubs.


Since then, it has showcased some of the most memorable moments, iconic players, and legendary managers, contributing significantly to the global and rich football heritage.

Fierce Rivalries

The Premier League is renowned for its fierce rivalries. A few examples that will get your adrenaline pumping are:

These are more than just games. They're battles of pride, history, and local bragging rights.

Attending one of these matches is an experience, a roller-coaster of emotions, and a testament to the passion that Premier League football evokes.