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Visitfootball Match Guarantee

To protect you against match rescheduling outside your flight schedule, we offer you the Visitfootball Match Guarantee.

To protect you against match rescheduling outside your flight schedule, we offer you the Visitfootball Match Guarantee.

Visitfootball Match Guarantee

Single Tickets

The Visitfootball Match Guarantee only applies if match tickets have been purchased from us.

Package with Flight

Before a new season, the schedule is announced. Initially, it only indicates which matches will be played on which weekend. All games are scheduled on the same day and at the same time (in England, for example, this is Saturday at 15:00). Between 1 and 2 months before the start of the match, the exact day and time are set. 

So far, we only offer packages in combination with at least 2 nights (you fly to your destination at the latest on Saturday morning and return at the earliest on Monday morning) to ensure that a match still falls within the flight schedule if moved from Saturday to Sunday or vice versa. When the match is determined, we also offer packages with 1 overnight stay.

  • A standard package for a weekend is from Saturday to Monday
  • A standard package for midweek is from Tuesday to Thursday.*

(*) Except for Champions League matches, these are immediately finally determined

Visitfootball Conditions for Match Guarantee

  • We will rebook your return flight so you can still attend the match.
  • If, due to the rescheduling of the match, your package needs to be extended with an extra hotel night, the costs for an additional overnight stay will be charged.
  • If a match is rescheduled outside your flight schedule, will email you as soon as possible. We will email you the options regarding the rebooking of your package. That is always possible if you have other possibilities regarding your flight/hotel/seats or another match. We will review the options with you and calculate any additional costs.
  • You can also opt for another match in the same city or nearby cities (which does fit within your package). We will discuss the possibilities and any additional costs with you.
  • If your match is canceled, abandoned, or postponed to another date, then offers you the opportunity to attend the match on the new date. Depending on the chosen service package, the additional costs are borne by the customer or by
  • You can only use the Visitfootball Match Guarantee once per booking. If the same match is rescheduled for a second time, the Visitfootball Match Guarantee no longer applies, and the total rebooking costs are at your own expense.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to altogether cancel the package.

The GGTO Guarantee Fund

The GGTO Foundation guarantees you will get back the already paid part of your travel sum if the tour operator becomes financially insolvent. This can be before your departure and during your stay at the location. Moreover, the GGTO Foundation guarantees your return trip during your stay if the tour operator, due to financial insolvency, can no longer arrange this. The tour operator charges the consumer a fixed amount of 15 euros per booking for this guarantee. This is how the guarantee fund is built up and maintained.