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Serie A tickets

Discover the magic of Serie A, the Italian top football league full of passion and technical ingenuity. Buy your Serie A tickets now and witness the prowess of the best teams in action. Be enchanted by the Italian football spectacle! Explore legendary matchups like AC Milan vs Inter Milan in the electrifying Milan Derby, or experience the fervor of Rome in a Roma vs Lazio clash at the Stadio Olimpico. With Serie A ticket prices offering a range of options, secure your spot to see top Italian Serie A teams and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of football.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy Serie A football tickets at Visitfootball.com. We’ve been providing top-notch football experiences since 2011, always ensuring the best seats at affordable prices and tailored to your preferences.
When purchasing tickets, you can know your seating arrangement by selecting the category you want to sit in. The options are separated into categories, each providing unique perspectives and experiences catering to all football fans.
You can ensure you’re seated with friends or family during the match if you buy an even number of tickets in one transaction. For odd numbers, please contact us before you make your purchase.
You will get Serie A tickets via E-tickets. You will get an email up to 5 days before your game with all the details to ensure a seamless entry experience at the stadium. Ensure you always have your ID or passport due to strict stadium checks.
Yes, we offer comprehensive Serie A football trips that include match tickets, flights, and hotel accommodations. Reach out to us or make a quote to customise a package according to your preferences.
Yes, you can request a custom football trip for a specific Serie A match. All you need to do is complete the quote form, and we will contact you to confirm the details within 24 hours.

Serie A Ticket Delivery


You will receive E-tickets five days before your match. You can show them directly from your phone at the stadium entrance. Now, Serie A clubs have strict checks, so you must take your ID or passport with you whenever you’re going to a match. This is especially important for high-demand matches like Juventus and Inter Milan, where security is heightened.

You’ll also get important information and other travel components if you’ve booked flights and accommodation. This might include details for witnessing the thrilling matches at Serie A stadiums, known for their vibrant atmospheres and historic significance.

The tickets ensure a traditional and smooth stadium entrance to your chosen seating category. Whether you're looking to buy Italian Serie A tickets for the first time or you're a seasoned fan, we ensure a seamless experience from purchasing your tickets to enjoying the match day.

Why Buy Serie A Tickets?

Secure a front-row seat to Italy's top football matches in Serie A, where every match promises unparalleled excitement and showcases the essence of Italian football culture. With its storied history, Serie A has been a platform for legendary players and unforgettable football moments.

When you buy tickets to Serie A, you're not just attending a match, you're stepping into a world where football is as top as in the UEFA Champions League. Witness the strategic plays and the spirited fans who bring the game to life, making each match a memorable event.


Be part of the action where icons like Totti and Baggio have left their mark and discover why Serie A attracts fans from across the globe with its perfect blend of skill, passion, and football philosophy.

Serie A Football Trip Opportunities

Experience the unique fusion of football and travel that Serie A offers, set in the mesmerizing context of Italy's rich cultural heritage. As you follow the league's fixtures, you're also navigating a country renowned for its art, history, and breathtaking landscapes.

Venture into the heart of Italy where cities like Turin and Florence await, each with their storied football clubs and local fervor. Turin, home to Juventus, offers a mix of royal history and modern innovation, while Florence boasts the Renaissance charm and the passionate following of Fiorentina.

This journey through Serie A is not just about the thrill of the match day but also about soaking in Italy's diverse regional cultures, from the bustling piazzas to the serene countryside, making every football trip an unforgettable adventure into the soul of Italy.

As the world's fashion capital, Milan is about “haute couture” and its love for football. Home to two of Italy's most illustrious clubs, AC Milan and Internazionale, a trip to Milan promises more than just football:

  • San Siro Stadium: This iconic stadium, Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, has seen countless historic matches. Tour the hallowed grounds where legends like Maldini and Zanetti once played. Explore the museum that tells the story of both Milan clubs.


  • Casa Milan: Learn about AC Milan's history at their dedicated museum and headquarters. It offers an interactive journey through the Rossoneri's legacy.
  • Inter Store: Located in the city's heart, this is a must-visit for Nerazzurri fans who want to pick up official merchandise and souvenirs.
  • Milan's Fashion District: After soaking in the football culture, stroll through the Quadrilatero della Moda, the world's most famous shopping district, to embrace Milan's other passion – fashion.

About Serie A Football History

Founded in 1898, Serie A has been the home of Italian football for over a century.

Renowned for its tactical depths, defensive masterclasses, and iconic footballing figures like Paolo Maldini, Alessandro Del Piero, and Roberto Baggio, Serie A has always been a powerhouse in European football.

The league has produced legendary teams that have left an indelible mark on football history, from the dominant Juventus sides to AC Milan's European conquerors.


Beyond the pitch, this league has played an essential role in shaping Italy's sporting and cultural landscapes, making it more than just a league but a national treasure.

Serie A's influence extends to global competitions, with Italian clubs frequently competing for the UEFA Champions League and Europa League titles, showcasing the league's quality on the European stage. The competition's history is also intertwined with the World Cup, where many Serie A players have shone, further cementing the league's contribution to international football.

Fierce Rivalries

Serie A is synonymous with intense football rivalries.

The "Derby della Madonnina" between AC Milan and Internazionale stands out twice yearly with unmatched enthusiasm. It's a historic clash that divides families, friends, and the city.

The fervent passion, the electrifying atmosphere, and the weight of history make these fixtures much more than just 90 minutes of football. They encapsulate the spirit, pride, and essence of Italian football.

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