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Southampton Tickets

Buy Southampton tickets from VisitFootball for an unforgettable matchday at St Mary's Stadium. Experience the thrill of live football in the largest stadium in South East England. Fun fact: St Mary's Stadium has four stands named after the areas of Southampton they face: Itchen, Kingsland, Chapel, and Northam.

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Southampton Tickets Online: Easy and Accessible

For non-members, purchasing Southampton tickets directly through the club can be challenging. However, VisitFootball makes it simple and convenient to secure your spot at St Mary’s Stadium. With our streamlined process, you can quickly and easily purchase tickets, ensuring you don't miss any of the action.

How to Buy Southampton Tickets Through VisitFootball

VisitFootball offers a user-friendly platform that ensures a seamless ticket purchasing experience. Here’s how you can get your Southampton tickets in just three easy steps:

  1. Select Your Match: Visit our website and navigate to the Southampton page. Browse the list of upcoming fixtures and select the match you want to attend. Each match listing includes detailed information, helping you choose the best game for your schedule.
  2. Choose Your Seats: Use our interactive seating chart to find the perfect seats. Whether you want to be in the heart of the action with the home fans in the Northam Stand or prefer a more relaxed view from the Kingsland Stand, our seating chart allows you to select seats based on your preference and budget.
  3. Complete Your Purchase: After selecting your seats, proceed to checkout. Enter your payment details and complete your purchase. You will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary details and instructions for matchday.

Southampton Tickets Price: Affordable and Secure

By purchasing your Southampton tickets through VisitFootball, you ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. Our platform guarantees the safety and security of your transaction, so you can focus on enjoying the match. We offer competitive prices and a variety of seating options to suit every fan's needs.

Experience Matchday with VisitFootball

From the moment you purchase your tickets to the final whistle at St Mary’s Stadium, VisitFootball is committed to providing you with an exceptional experience. Our platform is designed to make the ticket buying process as smooth and straightforward as possible, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the excitement of matchday.

Southampton Tickets Online: The St Mary's Stadium Experience

Pre-Match Rituals and Activities

A matchday at St Mary's Stadium is a unique and immersive experience for any football fan. As you approach the stadium, the excitement is palpable. Fans gather early, many sporting the red and white of Southampton, and there is a buzz in the air. A popular pre-match ritual is to visit the Ted Bates statue behind the Itchen Stand, where fans often take photos and reflect on the club's storied past.

Inside the Stadium: Atmosphere and Action

Upon entering the stadium, you're greeted by the impressive sight of the pitch, surrounded by the Itchen, Kingsland, Chapel, and Northam Stands. Each stand offers a distinct perspective and atmosphere. The Itchen Stand is particularly notable, featuring 42 executive boxes and various facilities, including the police control rooms and press areas. As the seats fill up, the atmosphere intensifies with fans singing and chanting in unison, creating a sea of red and white.

For first-time visitors, heading to the Northam Stand, where the most vocal supporters sit, is highly recommended. This stand is known for its lively atmosphere, with fans passionately supporting The Saints throughout the match. Expect to join in chants like “Oh When the Saints Go Marching In,” which echoes around the stadium, uniting fans in their support.

Post-Match: Continuing the Experience

After the final whistle, the experience doesn't end. Fans often head to nearby pubs like Browns on Millbank Street or the Tap It Brewery on William Street to discuss the match. These spots are perfect for mingling with fellow supporters and extending the matchday camaraderie. Additionally, exploring the Southampton city center offers a variety of dining and entertainment options to complete your day.

Southampton Tickets: Discover the St Mary's Stadium Stands

Southampton Tickets Online: The Home Fan Experience

As a home fan at St Mary’s Stadium, the Northam Stand is the heart of the action. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, this stand is where the most passionate Saints supporters gather. It's here that you’ll join in rousing chants like “Oh When the Saints Go Marching In,” creating an electric ambiance that fuels the team on the pitch. The Northam Stand is also equipped with spacious concourses, offering plenty of food and drink options to keep your energy up throughout the match.

If you prefer a more relaxed experience, the Kingsland Stand is an ideal choice. Located along the side of the pitch, it offers excellent views of the game while providing a calmer atmosphere compared to the Northam Stand. This stand is perfect for families and those who enjoy watching the game in a less rowdy environment. The seating is comfortable, and the view of the entire pitch is unobstructed, allowing you to fully appreciate the tactics and flow of the game.

Away Supporters at St Mary's

Visiting fans are typically seated in the Northam Stand, which can accommodate up to 3,300 away supporters, with this number increasing to 4,750 for cup matches. This section is renowned for its excellent facilities and clear views of the pitch. The sizable concourse includes multiple eating and drinking outlets, ensuring that even the visiting fans have a top-notch matchday experience. Additionally, the concourse is equipped with TVs showing live coverage of the match, so you won't miss a moment of the action even when grabbing a bite to eat.

Historic Stands and Unique Features

The Itchen Stand, facing the Itchen River, is another notable part of St Mary's Stadium. It features 42 executive boxes, police control rooms, club offices, changing rooms, and press facilities. This stand offers a unique mix of luxury and history, making it a standout area within the stadium. The Chapel Stand and Kingsland Stand complete the lineup, each offering their own unique perspectives and experiences for fans.

Southampton Tickets: Relive Historic Matches

Memorable European Nights

Southampton has a rich history of thrilling matches that have left an indelible mark on football. One of the most memorable European nights took place on November 3, 2016, when Southampton faced Inter Milan in the UEFA Europa League. In a dramatic match at St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton came from behind to win 2-1. Virgil van Dijk, who later became one of the world’s top defenders, scored the equalizer before an own goal from Inter's Yuto Nagatomo sealed the victory. The atmosphere was electric as the Saints secured a historic win against the Italian giants, showcasing their resilience and talent on the European stage.

Domestic Triumphs and Iconic Victories

Southampton's domestic successes are equally storied, with several iconic matches that fans still talk about today. One such game was the 1976 FA Cup final, where Southampton faced Manchester United at Wembley Stadium. Despite being the underdogs, Southampton triumphed 1-0 thanks to a late goal from Bobby Stokes. This victory not only secured Southampton’s first major trophy but also cemented the club’s place in English football history. Fans remember the excitement and tension of the match, as well as the jubilant celebrations that followed.

Another unforgettable match took place on April 7, 2003, when Southampton faced Arsenal in the Premier League. In a stunning performance, the Saints defeated the Gunners 3-2 at St Mary’s Stadium. James Beattie scored twice, and Chris Marsden added a third, with the home crowd roaring in approval. This victory was particularly significant as it helped Southampton secure a place in the UEFA Cup for the following season, adding to the club’s impressive achievements.

VisitFootball: Experience the Excitement Live

The thrill of witnessing these historic matches live is an experience every football fan should have. By purchasing your Southampton tickets through VisitFootball, you can be part of the next chapter in the club’s history. Whether it’s a crucial league match or a thrilling cup tie, VisitFootball ensures you have the best seats to soak in the atmosphere and excitement at St Mary’s Stadium.

Southampton Tickets: Understanding the Rivalries

Get your Southampton Tickets for the South Coast Derby with Portsmouth

The South Coast Derby between Southampton and Portsmouth is one of the fiercest rivalries in English football. Known as the Hampshire Derby, this rivalry dates back to the early 20th century and is fueled by geographical proximity and historical competition. One of the most memorable matches took place on March 7, 2010, in the FA Cup fifth round. Despite being in different leagues, the intensity was palpable as Portsmouth emerged victorious with a 4-1 win at St Mary's Stadium. Players like Rickie Lambert for Southampton and David Nugent for Portsmouth have been central figures in these encounters, making every clash a highly anticipated event.

The Rivalry with Bournemouth

Another significant rivalry for Southampton is with Bournemouth, often referred to as the South Coast Clash. This rivalry has grown in recent years, especially as both teams have frequently competed in the Premier League. One notable match occurred on April 1, 2017, when Southampton hosted Bournemouth at St Mary’s Stadium. The game ended in a thrilling 0-0 draw, with both teams showcasing strong defensive performances. Players such as Nathan Redmond for Southampton and Joshua King for Bournemouth have played pivotal roles in these tightly contested matches. The rivalry is characterized by competitive spirit and regional pride, adding an extra layer of excitement to each encounter.

Southampton Tickets for clashes with Brighton

The rivalry between Southampton and Brighton, known as the A27 Derby, is another fixture that fans eagerly look forward to. This rivalry is based on the A27 road that links the two cities, making it a local derby. A memorable match took place on August 30, 2017, in the EFL Cup second round. Southampton secured a 1-0 victory at the Amex Stadium, thanks to a goal from Sofiane Boufal. Key players in this rivalry include James Ward-Prowse for Southampton and Lewis Dunk for Brighton, both of whom have contributed significantly to their teams' performances in these heated encounters. The matches are often intense and closely fought, reflecting the competitive nature of both clubs.

Southampton Tickets Online: The Ultimate Game-Day Experience

Pre-Match Excitement in Southampton

A matchday at St Mary's Stadium offers more than just football; it’s an immersive experience in the vibrant city of Southampton. Start your day with a visit to the SeaCity Museum, where you can delve into the city’s maritime history, including its connection to the Titanic. For a more relaxed start, stroll through the beautiful Mayflower Park, taking in views of the bustling port.

Before heading to the stadium, enjoy a hearty meal at one of the local pubs or restaurants. The Rockstone on Onslow Road is a fan favorite, known for its gourmet burgers and extensive selection of real ales. Alternatively, visit the Dancing Man Brewery, located in a historic building near the waterfront, for craft beers and delicious food.

At St Mary's Stadium

As you approach St Mary's Stadium, the excitement builds. The stadium, with its sleek design and impressive structure, is a sight to behold. Arrive early to soak in the pre-match atmosphere and visit the club shop to pick up the latest Southampton merchandise. Fans often gather around the Ted Bates statue for photos and to pay homage to the club legend.

Inside the stadium, the Northam Stand is where you’ll find the most passionate Southampton supporters. The chants and cheers create an electrifying atmosphere, making it the perfect place to experience the game’s intensity. If you prefer a more relaxed view, the Kingsland Stand offers excellent sightlines and a calmer environment, ideal for families.

Post-Match Celebrations and Activities

After the final whistle, the excitement continues. Head to the city center, where you can choose from a variety of pubs and bars to celebrate or commiserate the match result. The Hobbit Pub on Bevois Valley Road is a popular spot, offering a unique atmosphere and themed drinks.

For those looking to extend their visit, the Southampton Cultural Quarter provides plenty of entertainment options, including the Nuffield Southampton Theatres and the O2 Guildhall for live music. A walk along the historic city walls or a visit to the Tudor House and Garden adds a cultural touch to your football trip.

Southampton Tickets Online: Planning the Perfect Weekend

Day One: Exploring the Maritime City

A weekend in Southampton is the perfect way to experience the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. Start your Saturday morning with a visit to the SeaCity Museum, where interactive exhibits bring Southampton’s maritime heritage to life, including detailed accounts of the Titanic. From there, take a short walk to the historic Bargate, a medieval gatehouse that now serves as an entrance to the city’s bustling shopping district.

For lunch, head to the Oxford Street area, renowned for its array of cafes and restaurants. The Oxford Brasserie offers a delightful menu featuring locally sourced ingredients, perfect for refueling before an afternoon of exploration. Afterward, stroll along the city’s historic walls, enjoying views of the old town and learning about Southampton’s strategic importance through the ages.

Southampton Tickets Matchday Excitement

On matchday, immerse yourself in the excitement that builds as you approach St Mary’s Stadium. Start your day with a hearty breakfast at the Boat Show Café, located near the waterfront, which offers a great selection of breakfast options and a friendly atmosphere.

Arrive at the stadium early to soak in the pre-match buzz. Visit the club shop to pick up some Southampton merchandise, and take a moment to admire the Ted Bates statue outside the Itchen Stand. Inside the stadium, the Northam Stand is where you’ll find the most passionate fans, making it the perfect place to experience the energy of the game.

Day Two: Relaxation and Culture

After an exhilarating matchday, spend your Sunday exploring more of what Southampton has to offer. Begin with a relaxing walk through Mayflower Park, where you can enjoy views of the busy port and perhaps even catch a glimpse of a cruise ship setting sail.

Next, head to the Cultural Quarter, where you can visit the Southampton City Art Gallery, home to an impressive collection of British and European art. For lunch, try the Pig in the Wall, a charming bistro offering delicious local cuisine in a historic setting.

In the afternoon, take a short drive to the nearby New Forest National Park. This beautiful area is perfect for a leisurely hike or a scenic drive, offering a peaceful contrast to the bustling city.

VisitFootball: Your Guide to a Perfect Weekend

Purchasing your Southampton tickets through VisitFootball ensures a seamless experience from start to finish. Our platform helps you choose the best seats for the match, allowing you to fully enjoy your weekend in Southampton. From exploring historic sites to experiencing the thrill of live football, VisitFootball makes it easy to plan and enjoy a memorable trip. Secure your Southampton tickets today and discover all that this vibrant city has to offer.

Southampton Tickets: Celebrating Championship Glory

Domestic Championship Glory

On the domestic front, Southampton's most prestigious triumph came in the 1976 FA Cup. This victory is etched in the memories of all Saints fans. Southampton, then a Second Division team, faced Manchester United in the final at Wembley Stadium. Against all odds, Southampton triumphed with a 1-0 victory, thanks to a late goal from Bobby Stokes. His precise strike in the 83rd minute secured the club’s first major trophy, a moment of immense pride and celebration for the club and its supporters.

The road to this historic victory was filled with memorable matches. In the semi-finals, Southampton defeated Crystal Palace 2-0, with goals from Paul Gilchrist and David Peach, setting the stage for their iconic final against Manchester United. The victory not only brought the FA Cup to Southampton but also highlighted the talents of players like Mick Channon and Peter Osgood, who played crucial roles throughout the tournament.

Southampton Tickets: Honoring Legendary Players

Matt Le Tissier - The Magician of the Dell

Matt Le Tissier is arguably the most iconic player to have worn the Southampton shirt. Known for his incredible skill, vision, and ability to score spectacular goals, Le Tissier spent his entire professional career at Southampton. His loyalty and flair earned him the nickname “Le God” among the fans. One of his most memorable moments came in the 1993-94 season when he scored a hat-trick against Norwich City, with each goal showcasing his remarkable technical ability. Le Tissier’s knack for scoring from free kicks and long-range efforts made him a constant threat and a joy to watch. His legacy at Southampton is cemented not only by his 209 goals in 540 appearances but also by his unwavering commitment to the club.

Alan Shearer - The Rise of a Legend

Before becoming the Premier League's all-time top scorer, Alan Shearer began his illustrious career at Southampton. Making his debut in 1988 as a 17-year-old, Shearer quickly made an impact by scoring a hat-trick against Arsenal, showcasing his natural goal-scoring ability. During his time at Southampton, Shearer developed into a powerful and prolific striker, known for his strength, aerial ability, and clinical finishing. Although he moved on to Blackburn Rovers and later Newcastle United, Shearer’s early years at Southampton were crucial in shaping his career. He remains a beloved figure for Saints fans who witnessed the rise of one of England’s greatest forwards.

Kevin Keegan - The Double European Player of the Year

Kevin Keegan’s tenure at Southampton may have been brief, but it was certainly impactful. Joining the club in 1980, Keegan brought with him the experience and prestige of being a two-time European Footballer of the Year. His dynamic play and leadership qualities immediately lifted the team. One of Keegan’s standout performances came in a 4-3 victory over Ipswich Town, where his skill and determination were on full display. Although he only spent two seasons at Southampton, scoring 37 goals in 68 appearances, Keegan’s influence helped elevate the club’s profile and inspired a generation of players and fans alike.

VisitFootball: Witness the Making of New Legends

Southampton has a rich history of nurturing and developing legendary players who have left an indelible mark on the club and the footballing world. By securing your Southampton tickets through VisitFootball, you have the chance to see the next generation of stars in action at St Mary's Stadium. Our platform ensures you get the best seats to witness the rise of new legends, whether it’s an emerging talent from the academy or a seasoned professional making a significant impact.


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