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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers

Book & Pay

If you have booked a flight ticket, a trip, or a hotel via the Internet, you do not have the right to cancel free of charge within 14 days. The Distance Selling Act does not apply to accommodation, transport, restaurant services, or leisure activities you arrange on a fixed date.

Yes, you can book a football trip by phone, as this is one of our options. You can discuss your wishes and requirements with one of our employees or walk through our booking system together.

The sooner you book, the better, as you will get lower travel prices. This is mainly due to fluctuating flight rates. The airlines usually increase fares as the departure date approaches. It is, of course, always possible that an airline offers promotional rates or that the travel price is lower for some other reason. Packages may also no longer be available.

A booking for several people can sometimes entail a considerable travel sum. We understand that it is not always pleasant/possible to pay this amount immediately. You can always contact us about making a payment arrangement.

Your invoice doesn't have a VAT number because we are a travel agency that falls under the Special Travel Agency Regulations, according to the tax authorities. This means that we are not allowed to include VAT on the invoice. The reason that this is not possible has to do with the fact that tax is paid abroad on football tickets, airline tickets, and hotel stays. In these cases, VAT is only paid on the difference between the asking and cost prices.

Documents & Tickets

You will receive your match tickets digitally. You can either download this to your phone or print it out and take it to the stadium. In exceptional cases, the cards will be sent by post. We will inform you about this promptly.

You will receive your travel documents by email approximately one week before departure. With your travel documents you will also receive a personal travel document with exciting information about the city and how to get from A to B. In most cases, the match tickets will be sent by post. You can read whether this is the case in the information document.

You can buy Premier League Tickets without membership on Visitfootball.com. All you need to do is go to the Premier League competition, select the match and seat category, and follow the purchase process. You will receive live football tickets 5 days before the game.

Price & Availability

All packages are offered based on the “travel agency arrangement.” You, therefore, cannot reclaim VAT. In some cities, you must pay tourist tax as an end user. This depends on the number of nights and the classification of the hotel. You should consider between € 1.50 and € 3 per night per person.

All trips on our website are available at the time of booking. We actively monitor availability. Of course, it may unexpectedly happen that a trip ultimately turns out to be sold out. In that case, Visitfootball.com will offer an alternative or immediately refund the payment.

Privacy & Security

Visitfootball.com takes your privacy into account by applicable legislation. Your data will not be provided to third parties. In this privacy statement, we will explain our working method and the treatment of private data.

Yes, we track our user's surfing behavior to optimize our website further. This data is only used by Voetbaltrips.com and is anonymous.

Yes, your data is safe with us. The information could include your name, address, date of birth, telephone number(s), and email address. This personal data will only be used for your booking or insurance matters. This information is treated confidentially, remains under our own management, and is not made available to third parties.

Yes, paying online at Visitfootball.com is secure and straightforward. The payment process on our website is secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and takes place on a secure server. The lock in the address bar of your browser address bar can recognise this secure connection. The payment and bank details are not stored.

Flight & Hotel

When requesting a quote and in our booking system, you can choose from which airport you depart on which day and when you wish to fly. The procedure takes the start time of the match into account. The flight for which the price includes is shown. We assume the exact departure and landing airport (For example, you depart from Amsterdam and land at Amsterdam on the return flight).

You can check in your flight depending on the airline's instructions. You will receive an extensive information document one week before departure with all information about your flight and how to check it in.

The on-site transfers are not included in the trip. The trip is on your own. You will receive detailed and personal travel documents (digital). This describes the various local routes by public transport. Of course, you can always use a taxi.

You can check in immediately upon arrival. It may happen that you cannot enter the room directly. In that case, leave your luggage in the hotel safe. Most hotels have a time limit of 2 p.m., after which you can access the room on the day of arrival. This is because the hotels need time to clean the rooms of the previous users. If the hotel room has not been used the night before, you can probably use the room immediately.

If you inform us in time, it is often possible to rectify this. However, sometimes costs are charged by the flight companies. These costs are at least €50 per person per one-way flight plus any difference in fare. These are the costs charged by the airlines. We pass these costs on to the customer.