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Leicester City Tickets

Secure your Leicester tickets now on VisitFootball! Experience the excitement at King Power Stadium, home to Leicester City. Fun fact: The stadium was originally named Walkers Stadium, after the famous crisps company. Get your Leicester tickets online today for a seamless booking experience.

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Secure Your Leicester City Tickets with VisitFootball

Purchasing Leicester tickets can be a hassle, especially since non-members are unable to buy tickets directly through the club. VisitFootball offers a seamless and reliable solution for fans looking to secure their spot at the King Power Stadium. We provide a user-friendly platform that ensures you get the best seats to experience the excitement of Leicester City matches.

Easy 3-Step Process to Buy Leicester Tickets Online

VisitFootball has simplified the ticket purchasing process to make it as straightforward as possible. Here’s how you can secure your Leicester tickets in just three easy steps:

  1. Select Your Match and Seating Preferences:
    • Visit our website and browse through the available Leicester City matches. Choose the game you wish to attend and explore the various seating options. Whether you prefer the vibrant atmosphere of the Spion Kop, the balanced view of the East Stand, or the family-friendly environment of the North Stand, our detailed seating plans help you make an informed choice.
  2. Complete Your Purchase:
    • Add your selected tickets to the cart and proceed to checkout. Our platform ensures a secure transaction process, protecting your personal and payment information. Fill in the required details accurately to confirm your purchase and receive a confirmation email.
  3. Receive Your Tickets:
    • Once your payment is processed, you will receive your tickets via email. You can print them out or download them to your mobile device. With your tickets in hand, you’re ready for an unforgettable matchday experience at the King Power Stadium.

Benefits of Buying from VisitFootball

Choosing VisitFootball for your Leicester tickets comes with several benefits. Our platform provides competitive prices, ensuring you get the best value for your money. We also offer excellent customer support to assist you with any queries or concerns, making your ticket-buying experience smooth and hassle-free. All tickets purchased through VisitFootball are guaranteed to be authentic, giving you peace of mind as you plan your matchday.

You Can’t go wrong with VisitFootball

VisitFootball is your go-to platform for purchasing Leicester tickets online. Our easy 3-step process makes securing your spot at the King Power Stadium simple and convenient. With a range of seating options and competitive prices, we ensure you have the best experience possible. Don’t miss out on the action—get your Leicester tickets from VisitFootball today and be part of the thrilling atmosphere at the King Power Stadium.

The Football Experience at the King Power Stadium

Arriving at the Stadium

The journey to King Power Stadium begins well before the first whistle. Situated in the heart of Leicester, the stadium is easily accessible by public transport, with buses frequently running from the city center and the Leicester train station just a short walk away. Fans often gather in the surrounding area, filling local pubs such as The Local Hero and The Counting House. Here, you can grab a pint and a traditional English meal, immersing yourself in pre-match discussions with fellow supporters.

Pre-Match Rituals and Atmosphere

As you approach the King Power Stadium, the excitement builds. The stadium's modern architecture is adorned with blue and white, reflecting the colors of Leicester City, also known as The Foxes. One of the highlights is visiting the statue of Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, the beloved former chairman who was instrumental in the club's historic Premier League triumph in 2016. This statue has become a focal point for fans, who often pay their respects and take photos.

Entering the stadium, you’ll notice the inclusive and friendly atmosphere. The King Power Stadium boasts a capacity of 32,261, making it one of the smaller yet more intimate venues in the Premier League. Fans in the Spion Kop stand are particularly passionate, leading chants and songs that reverberate throughout the stadium. This is where you’ll find the most die-hard supporters, whose enthusiasm is infectious.

The Matchday Experience

Once inside, the King Power Stadium offers excellent facilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The view from every seat is unobstructed, thanks to the stadium’s smart design. The East Stand is ideal for those seeking a more relaxed environment, while the Family Stand provides a welcoming space for families with children.

During the match, the atmosphere reaches a crescendo. The crowd’s energy peaks during key moments, with synchronized clapping and chants creating a thrilling environment. The stadium’s state-of-the-art multimedia system, featuring numerous HD screens, keeps fans engaged with live replays and updates.

Post-Match Celebrations

After the match, the excitement continues outside the stadium. Fans often return to nearby pubs to dissect the game’s events over a drink. For those wanting to explore more of Leicester, the city center offers plenty of attractions, including the historic Leicester Cathedral and the fascinating King Richard III Visitor Centre.

A Day at King Poert Stadium

A day at King Power Stadium is more than just a football match; it’s a full experience that combines the excitement of the game with the rich culture of Leicester. VisitFootball ensures you have the best access to Leicester tickets, making your matchday experience seamless and memorable. Whether it’s the pre-match build-up, the thrilling 90 minutes, or the post-match celebrations, every moment at King Power Stadium is crafted to provide an unforgettable experience for football fans.

The Stands at the King Power Stadium

Spion Kop: The Heart of Passionate Support

For the most ardent Leicester City supporters, the Spion Kop stand is the place to be. Situated behind the goal, this stand is known for its vibrant atmosphere and enthusiastic fans. The Spion Kop is the epicenter of chants, songs, and unwavering support throughout the match. The energy here is palpable, and being part of the crowd feels like being at the heart of Leicester City’s spirit. The fans' passionate display is a nod to the historical significance of the Spion Kop, named after the famous hill where British soldiers fought during the Boer War, symbolizing unity and strength.

East Stand: A Balanced View

For those seeking a more balanced and relaxed matchday experience, the East Stand offers the perfect vantage point. Located along the side of the pitch, it provides an excellent view of the entire field, allowing fans to appreciate the strategic elements of the game. This stand is ideal for families and supporters who prefer a calmer atmosphere while still being close to the action. The East Stand also houses the director's box and media facilities, highlighting its importance during matchday operations. The design ensures that every fan has a clear, unobstructed view, making it a favorite for those who enjoy analyzing the finer details of football.

Family Stand: Welcoming and Friendly

The Family Stand, located in the North Stand, is tailored for families and young fans. This section offers a welcoming and friendly environment, complete with amenities that cater to children and their parents. The atmosphere is supportive and inclusive, making it a great place for first-time visitors and those attending with younger children. Activities and entertainment for kids are often provided, ensuring that everyone has a memorable matchday experience. The focus here is on creating a positive and enjoyable environment, making it a cornerstone of Leicester City’s commitment to family-friendly football.

West Stand: Visiting Fans and Heritage

The West Stand is where visiting fans are typically seated. This stand offers a unique perspective, allowing away supporters to experience the match surrounded by the passionate home crowd. Despite being the designated area for away fans, the facilities ensure comfort and safety, providing a great view of the pitch. Historically, this stand has witnessed some of the most intense moments and rivalries, contributing to the rich tapestry of experiences at the King Power Stadium. The West Stand's location also allows visiting fans easy access to stadium amenities, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Historic Games at the King Power Stadium

The Miracle Season: Leicester vs. Everton, 2016

One of the most iconic matches in Leicester City's history is their 3-1 victory over Everton on May 7, 2016. This game was significant as it marked the day Leicester City, known affectionately as The Foxes, lifted the Premier League trophy for the first time in their history. The atmosphere at King Power Stadium was electric, with fans filling the stands in anticipation of witnessing history. Goals from Jamie Vardy, who scored twice, and Andy King secured the victory. Vardy, in particular, was a standout player during the 2015-16 season, known for his relentless energy and goal-scoring prowess. The celebration that followed was monumental, with fans and players reveling in the improbable achievement of winning the league against all odds.

Champions League Nights: Leicester vs. Sevilla, 2017

Another unforgettable match at the King Power Stadium was Leicester’s Champions League Round of 16 tie against Sevilla on March 14, 2017. Leicester went into the second leg with a 2-1 deficit from the first leg. In front of a roaring home crowd, The Foxes produced a stunning performance to win 2-0, securing a 3-2 aggregate victory and advancing to the quarter-finals. Wes Morgan and Marc Albrighton scored the crucial goals. Morgan's goal, a scrappy finish from close range, epitomized Leicester's fighting spirit. The atmosphere that night was electric, as fans created an intense and supportive environment that spurred the team to victory. This match highlighted Leicester’s capability to compete on Europe’s biggest stage, adding another chapter to their remarkable story.

The Great Escape: Leicester vs. West Ham, 2015

Before their fairy-tale Premier League win, Leicester City achieved what is known as “The Great Escape” in the 2014-15 season. A critical match in this campaign was the 2-1 victory against West Ham on April 4, 2015. Trailing at the bottom of the table for much of the season, Leicester needed a series of wins to avoid relegation. Goals from Esteban Cambiasso and Andy King ensured a vital victory that kept their survival hopes alive. The win against West Ham was part of a remarkable run that saw Leicester win seven of their last nine games, ultimately securing their place in the Premier League. This period showcased the resilience and determination of the team, laying the foundation for their historic title win the following season.

Experience the Excitement with VisitFootball

Witnessing Leicester City's historic matches at the King Power Stadium is an experience like no other. VisitFootball ensures you can be part of these incredible moments by providing a seamless way to purchase Leicester tickets online. From the euphoric Premier League triumph to the thrilling Champions League nights and dramatic survival battles, we guarantee you the best seats to enjoy the game and be part of Leicester’s storied history.

Leicester City’s Biggest Rivals

Nottingham Forest: The East Midlands Derby

One of the fiercest rivalries for Leicester City is with Nottingham Forest, known as the East Midlands Derby. This rivalry dates back to the early 20th century and has been characterized by intense matches and passionate fanbases. The geographical proximity of the two cities, just 30 miles apart, fuels the animosity between the supporters. One of the most memorable matches in recent history took place in the Championship play-off semi-finals in 2010. Nottingham Forest triumphed 3-2 on aggregate, but the rivalry continued to burn brightly.

Players like Wes Morgan, who played for both clubs, have added layers to the rivalry. Morgan captained Leicester to their historic Premier League title in 2016 after spending a decade at Nottingham Forest, making him a central figure in the derby lore. The matches are often fiercely contested, with both teams striving for regional supremacy, making every encounter a high-stakes affair.

Derby County: The M69 Derby

Another significant rivalry for Leicester City is with Derby County, known as the M69 Derby due to the motorway that connects the two cities. This rivalry is deeply rooted in history and local pride. One of the most iconic matches in this rivalry was Leicester’s 4-1 victory over Derby in the Championship play-off final in 1994. This victory secured Leicester’s promotion to the Premier League, a milestone in the club’s history.

Players like Robbie Savage, who played for both clubs, have also intensified this rivalry. The M69 Derby is known for its intense atmosphere and passionate supporters, with both sets of fans eager to claim bragging rights. Matches between these two teams are always highly anticipated, and the competitive spirit is palpable on and off the pitch.

Coventry City: The M69 Rivalry

The rivalry with Coventry City, also known as the M69 Rivalry, is another significant one for Leicester City. The matches between these two clubs are known for their intensity and competitive nature. One of the notable clashes was during the 2002-2003 season when Leicester secured a 2-1 victory over Coventry, a win that was crucial in their campaign for promotion to the Premier League.

Players like Muzzy Izzet, who had memorable performances against Coventry, are often celebrated by Leicester fans. The rivalry is marked by closely fought battles and memorable moments, making every match a must-watch event for the fans.

Experience the Rivalries with VisitFootball

Being part of these rivalries at the King Power Stadium is an experience like no other. VisitFootball ensures you can be part of these high-stakes matches by providing easy access to Leicester tickets online. Whether it's the fierce East Midlands Derby against Nottingham Forest, the historic M69 Derby against Derby County, or the intense clashes with Coventry City, we guarantee you the best seats to witness the drama and excitement unfold.

Game-Day Experience at the King Power Stadium

Pre-Match Activities in Leicester

A game-day at the King Power Stadium is an adventure that begins well before kickoff. Start your day by exploring Leicester's rich cultural heritage. Visit the King Richard III Visitor Centre to delve into the fascinating history of the last Plantagenet king, whose remains were discovered in a local car park. The Leicester Cathedral, where Richard III is now interred, is also worth a visit for its stunning architecture and serene atmosphere.

Enjoying Food and Drinks

As the match approaches, immerse yourself in the local football culture by heading to one of the popular pubs near the stadium. The Local Hero and The Counting House are fan favorites, offering a lively atmosphere where you can enjoy a pint and traditional British fare. These spots are perfect for engaging in pre-match banter with fellow supporters, building the excitement for the game ahead.

At the Stadium

Arriving at the King Power Stadium, you'll immediately feel the buzz of anticipation. The stadium is a modern facility with a capacity of 32,261, ensuring excellent views from every seat. Before entering, take a moment to visit the statue of Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, a tribute to the beloved former chairman who played a pivotal role in Leicester City’s historic Premier League win in 2016.

During the Match

Inside the stadium, the atmosphere is electric. The Spion Kop stand is where the most passionate Leicester fans gather, creating an unforgettable experience with their chants and songs. For a more relaxed viewing experience, the East Stand offers comfortable seating with great sightlines, while the Family Stand provides a welcoming environment for younger fans and their families.

Post-Match Celebrations

After the match, the excitement continues. Fans often return to local pubs to dissect the game’s events over a drink. For a more relaxed post-match experience, consider exploring Leicester’s vibrant city center. Attractions such as the Leicester Market, one of the oldest and largest covered markets in Europe, and the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, offer a glimpse into the city’s rich history and culture.

Secure Your Tickets with VisitFootball

A game-day at the King Power Stadium is a full-fledged experience that combines the thrill of football with the charm of Leicester. VisitFootball makes it easy to secure your Leicester tickets online, ensuring you get the best seats to enjoy every moment. From pre-match activities to post-match celebrations, every aspect of the matchday experience at the King Power Stadium is crafted to provide unforgettable memories for football fans. Join us and make your matchday experience truly special.

Spending a Weekend in Leicester

Day One: History and Culture

A weekend in Leicester offers a rich blend of history, culture, and modern attractions, making it an ideal destination for a short getaway. Start your Saturday morning with a visit to the King Richard III Visitor Centre, where you can learn about the fascinating story of the last Plantagenet king. Located in the heart of the city, this center provides a detailed account of Richard III’s life, his dramatic death at the Battle of Bosworth, and the remarkable discovery of his remains.

After immersing yourself in history, take a leisurely stroll to the Leicester Cathedral, where Richard III is now interred. The cathedral’s stunning architecture and tranquil atmosphere make it a must-visit. For lunch, head to the vibrant Leicester Market, one of the oldest and largest covered markets in Europe. Here, you can sample fresh produce, local delicacies, and enjoy the bustling market environment.

Afternoon: Arts and Exploration

In the afternoon, explore the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, which houses a diverse collection of exhibits ranging from ancient Egyptian artifacts to contemporary art. The museum is located on a picturesque pedestrian path, New Walk, which offers a pleasant walk from the city center.

For a unique shopping experience, visit the Lanes, a network of narrow streets filled with independent shops, boutiques, and cafes. This area is perfect for finding unique souvenirs and enjoying a coffee break in one of the charming cafes.

Evening: Dining and Entertainment

As evening approaches, Leicester’s dining scene offers a plethora of options. For a memorable meal, book a table at one of the city’s top restaurants like The Case Restaurant and Champagne Bar or Maiyango, known for their excellent cuisine and stylish ambiance. After dinner, catch a show at the Curve Theatre, a leading venue for both West End productions and local performances.

Day Two: Nature and Relaxation

On Sunday, enjoy Leicester’s natural beauty by visiting Bradgate Park. This historic park, just a short drive from the city center, offers stunning landscapes, wildlife, and the ruins of Bradgate House, the birthplace of Lady Jane Grey. It’s a perfect spot for a morning hike or a picnic.

In the afternoon, head back to the city and visit the National Space Centre, an interactive museum dedicated to space exploration. With its iconic Rocket Tower and engaging exhibits, it’s a fun and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Leicester City's Trophy Cabinet

Domestic Championship Triumphs

Leicester City, also known as The Foxes, have etched their name in English football history with several notable domestic achievements. The pinnacle of their domestic success came in the 2015-16 Premier League season, a campaign that defied all odds and captivated football fans around the world. Under the management of Claudio Ranieri, Leicester City clinched their first-ever Premier League title. The team, led by captain Wes Morgan and featuring standout players like Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez, demonstrated remarkable consistency and resilience throughout the season.

One of the most significant matches of this historic run was the 3-1 victory over Manchester City on February 6, 2016, which solidified their position at the top of the table. Another key moment was the 2-0 win against Everton on May 7, 2016, which officially crowned them champions. Vardy’s exceptional goal-scoring ability, Mahrez’s creativity, and N’Golo Kanté’s midfield dominance were instrumental in securing this unexpected and thrilling triumph. This title not only marked a monumental achievement for Leicester City but also showcased the magic and unpredictability of football.

European Ventures and Success

While Leicester City’s history in European competitions is not as extensive as some of their domestic counterparts, they have had notable successes. Their most significant European achievement came during the 2016-17 UEFA Champions League season. In their debut in Europe’s elite competition, Leicester topped their group, showcasing their ability to compete against some of the continent’s best teams.

The highlight of their Champions League campaign was the Round of 16 tie against Sevilla. After a 2-1 defeat in the first leg, Leicester produced a memorable performance at the King Power Stadium to win 2-0, advancing to the quarter-finals with a 3-2 aggregate victory. Wes Morgan and Marc Albrighton scored the crucial goals in front of a jubilant home crowd. Although their journey ended in the quarter-finals against Atletico Madrid, Leicester’s spirited run in the Champions League earned them respect and admiration across Europe.

Experience Leicester's Success with VisitFootball

Leicester City's historic triumphs, both domestically and in European competitions, have created unforgettable memories for fans. VisitFootball ensures you can be part of these incredible moments by providing a seamless way to purchase Leicester tickets online. From the thrill of Premier League victories to the excitement of European nights, we guarantee you the best seats to witness the magic of Leicester City live at the King Power Stadium.

One of the Most Famous Cabinets

Leicester City's trophy cabinet may not be as extensive as some of their more storied rivals, but their achievements are no less remarkable. The 2015-16 Premier League title stands as a testament to the club's determination and spirit, while their Champions League exploits highlight their ability to compete on the European stage. VisitFootball helps you be part of Leicester's ongoing journey, offering easy access to tickets so you can experience the next chapter in their storied history. Secure your tickets today and join us in celebrating Leicester City's past, present, and future triumphs.

Legendary Players at the King Power Stadium

Jamie Vardy: The King of Leicester

Jamie Vardy's rise from non-league football to Premier League stardom is nothing short of legendary. Joining Leicester City in 2012 from Fleetwood Town, Vardy quickly became known for his relentless pace, work ethic, and eye for goal. His most iconic season came in 2015-16 when he broke the Premier League record by scoring in 11 consecutive matches, a feat that played a crucial role in Leicester's historic title win. Vardy's performances earned him the Premier League Player of the Season award, and his loyalty to Leicester, turning down offers from bigger clubs, has cemented his status as a club legend. His story is a testament to perseverance and dedication, and he remains a fan favorite at the King Power Stadium.

Wes Morgan: The Inspirational Captain

Wes Morgan's leadership and defensive prowess have been integral to Leicester City's success. Joining the club in 2012, Morgan was appointed captain and led by example both on and off the pitch. His towering presence in defense and ability to inspire his teammates were vital during the 2015-16 Premier League campaign. Morgan’s decisive goal against Manchester United in the final stretch of the season symbolized his importance to the team. His leadership extended beyond the domestic league, with memorable performances in the Champions League, particularly during their run to the quarter-finals in 2017. Morgan’s contributions have left an indelible mark on Leicester City, making him a beloved figure among supporters.

N'Golo Kanté: The Engine

N'Golo Kanté joined Leicester City in the summer of 2015 from French club Caen and quickly became an indispensable part of the team. Known for his incredible stamina, defensive skills, and ability to break up play, Kanté's presence in midfield was crucial to Leicester’s defensive solidity during their Premier League-winning campaign. His tireless performances, characterized by interceptions, tackles, and crucial passes, earned him widespread acclaim. Kanté's impact was such that he was named in the PFA Team of the Year and later won the Premier League Player of the Season award after moving to Chelsea. His contributions at Leicester remain fondly remembered by the fans, who appreciate his role in their historic success.

Gary Lineker: The Prolific Striker

Gary Lineker, one of England’s most famous footballers, began his illustrious career at Leicester City. Lineker joined the club’s youth system and made his first-team debut in 1978. Known for his exceptional goal-scoring ability and poise in front of goal, Lineker scored 95 goals in 194 appearances for Leicester. His performances earned him a move to Everton and later to Barcelona, where he continued his prolific goal-scoring form. Lineker’s time at Leicester laid the foundation for his successful career, and he remains a revered figure among the club’s supporters. His legacy is a testament to the club’s ability to nurture and develop talent.

Experience New Legends with VisitFootball

Witnessing the current stars of Leicester City create new legacies at the King Power Stadium is an experience like no other. VisitFootball ensures you can be part of these moments by providing a seamless way to purchase Leicester tickets online. From the inspiring leadership of Wes Morgan to the dazzling skills of Riyad Mahrez and the goal-scoring feats of Jamie Vardy, Leicester’s history is filled with legendary players who have left an indelible mark on the club. Join us at VisitFootball to see the next generation of legends being made at the King Power Stadium.


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