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When looking for Chelsea tickets in the Premier League or other, you want to ensure you buy Chelsea FC tickets online at a good price with excellent views of the playing field. Get your Chelsea tickets today and sit beside your group while saving money. Want to enjoy the footballing prowess of Robert Sánchez, Trevoh Chalobah, Ronnie Stutter at Stamford Bridge, a historic venue in English football? Check out our selection of Chelsea football tickets below, or request a quote for a complete football trip after selecting your match.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You should choose visitfootball.com for your Chelsea tickets because we provide secure access to top European football match tickets and unique opportunities to watch your team on the field. We’ve been active since 2011, delivering a unique football experience to all fans and ensuring seating for even ticket bookings with 24/7 trip support. We include all essential components for your trip, such as hotels, match tickets, and tailored guarantees to address any unexpected issues.
To buy tickets for Chelsea matches, you can purchase tickets from our website, visitfootball.com. Search for Chelsea matches in the Clubs section and find the ones you want to go to. Pick one and select whether you want only football tickets or the complete travel experience that includes hotel, flight, and city guide. If you're looking for cheap Chelsea tickets, we are here for you.
You will receive your Chelsea match tickets as E-tickets. Download them to your phone or print them out and take them to the stadium. We will inform you about a week before the match in exceptional cases where we deliver tickets in a different format.
Yes, we will ensure you are sitting next to each other. If you are with an odd group, please get in touch with us. We are happy to inform you about the seating options.
Yes, you can purchase a Chelsea match without date confirmation. However, you must wait for an official match date to attend the event. Check our competition page to see the latest date confirmations.
No, you can’t choose a specific seat at Old Trafford Stadium because we arrange chairs to optimise groups to be seated together. You can select the category where you want to sit. We will do everything possible to ensure you and your group have the best seats.
You may be eligible for a refund, depending on your situation. We encourage you to speak directly with our team via WhatsApp, email, social media, or phone several days before the match’s date to help you solve your issue. You can also visit our terms and conditions page to get more information.
We don't usually have group or family discounts, but you can request a personalised Chelsea trip at visitfootball.com to travel with a group.
No, we don't sell Chelsea away tickets. We mainly sell Home match seats. You can't also wear visiting colours. Please wear regular clothes or Home colours when going to a match. We also don't do Chelsea ticket exchange.
Yes, it's important to check Chelsea ticket prices before planning to attend a match. You can find general admission tickets available at different rates depending on the seating location within the stadium.
If you're looking for tickets for Chelsea matches, you can go to our Chelsea club page and see which matches you want to participate in. You don't need to check for secondary ticket options or unofficial outlets for Chelsea tickets for sale. We got you covered.
There are limitations to the number of tickets you can purchase for a Chelsea match. You can only buy 8 tickets per session. But if you're looking for more options, contact us for ticket information.
There is a range of Chelsea football tickets available, including one ticket or Chelsea membership packages. But at Visitfootball, you can either get single-match tickets or complete football trips.
Yes, you can easily buy Chelsea tickets online via visitfootball. We offer Chelsea home tickets. Chelsea competes in the Premier League and other competitions. With us, you can get tickets for a match you're interested in.
Here you will find everything you want to know about Chelsea tickets!

Seating at Stamford Bridge Stadium


Stamford Bridge, the iconic home of Chelsea Football Club, has four distinctive stands: Matthew Harding (North), The Shed End (South), and East and West Stand, each contributing to the Stamford Bridge atmosphere in every Premier League match.

Each has its unique character and history. They contribute to the stadium's vibrant atmosphere and rich heritage, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors and fans.

Let’s break them down:

  • Category 1: This category includes the East and West stands. The first is a multifunctional hub on the stadium's east side, which offers superb pitch views and houses essential facilities. The second includes close views and symbolic artwork showcasing Chelsea’s heritage and modernity. Both stands also include executive seats.
  • Category 2: Category 2 includes the vibrant Matthew Harding, where you can become a lively spectator while also discovering the memorial to the club’s former director, and the Shed End stands, which is a passionate space that hosts vocal fans and away supporters. Both locations will bring immersive experiences and teach you about Chelsea’s history and values.

Get your Chelsea match tickets now and watch the team’s spirit and passion go through your veins, resonating in Stamford’s walls!

The Chelsea FC Match Tickets

Chelsea FC Match Ticket Authenticity

All of our Chelsea tickets are original and provided by official distributors. We ensure quality and a great experience for football fans like you who want to live Stamford’s magic. Don't miss the chance to get tickets and book your Chelsea experience for the upcoming Chelsea games.

Chelsea Match Guarantee


The tickets are available on our website until we run out of stock. We actively monitor availability and ensure a fixed price during your purchase process.

If a Chelsea football ticket is sold out, we will provide alternatives you may like or proceed with a full refund without penalisation.

We also suggest you book a premium service package with an extra guarantee to ensure you receive a refund or have access to the event on a different date in case of an unexpected issue like match relocation or flight delays.

Chelsea Tickets Delivery Method

We do our best to deliver our tickets quickly and efficiently. Even with the high demand, we still provide excellent service.

Here at visitfootball.com, we ensure you get them quickly to plan the rest of your trip. We will email your match tickets quite ahead of time. You should expect to receive them at least 5 days before the competition’s date. Maybe sooner.

Chelsea delivers your passes using E-tickets. This means you’ll get an email with a PDF where you can download or print your Chelsea tickets. Show them at the stadium and have them scanned.

Plan a Unique Chelsea FC Football Trip


Embark on a football odyssey in London with a unique Chelsea FC football trip. Whether you're a die-hard Chelsea fan or a football enthusiast, this journey offers thrilling matchday experiences and explorations of iconic landmarks around Stamford Bridge.

Explore the rich football culture, mingle with the locals at renowned pubs, and collect cherished memories in the world's football capital.

Places to Visit:

  • Stamford Bridge: Experience the electrifying atmosphere and explore Chelsea’s Walk of Fame, Chelsea FC Museum, and the Chelsea Megastore for exclusive merchandise.
  • Iconic Stadiums: Take guided tours of Arsenal's Emirates Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, delving into these football temples' history and architectural marvels.
  • National Football Museum: Immerse yourself in English football's evolution, explore exhibitions, and admire unique memories at this comprehensive football museum.
  • Football Boutiques on Carnaby and Oxford Street: Visit specialist football shops offering a variety of unique memorabilia and club clothing, perfect for souvenirs and gifts.
  • The Butcher's Hook: Located opposite Stamford Bridge, this pub is a favourite meeting place for Chelsea fans, offering a lively atmosphere before and after matches.
  • The Globe and The Pensioner: Enjoy the camaraderie of diverse football fans, engage in lively discussions, and soak up the matchday atmosphere at these football-friendly pubs.

Embarking on a Chelsea FC football trip is not just about witnessing a match. It’s about embracing the community, exploring football heritage, and creating unforgettable memories in the vibrant city of London.

About the Club Chelsea FC


Chelsea FC, in the heart of London, has established itself as a football symbol since its founding in 1905. The 'Blues' have crafted a rich history of iconic victories and passionate fans, standing out in the Premier League and beyond. Their achievements include numerous FA Cup final victories, League Cup triumphs, and Premier League titles, showcasing their dominance in English football.

Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's historic stronghold since its founding, resonates with the energy of faithful fans and echoes of triumphant moments, including their UEFA Champions League final victories in 2012 and 2021. It showcases the club's resilience and glory, making it an iconic place.

The club's journey, deeply intertwined with the history of Stamford Bridge, has been shaped by influential figures like Roman Abramovich, visionary managers like José Mourinho, and iconic players who have left their mark on Chelsea's legacy. Among them, legends like Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba, and other historic players like John Terry and Gianfranco Zola, were vital in the club's successes over the years, including their triumphs in the Premier League and notable victories in the FA Cup.

The intensity of London derbies, where Chelsea faces rivals like Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur tickets, embodies the city's competitive and passionate nature of football in the town, with Stamford Bridge serving as the perfect stage for these emblematic encounters.

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