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Football Trips with Visitfootball.com

Watching a match of your favourite club from the couch is something every football fan enjoys. Some may relish Frenkie de Jong's dribbles at FC Barcelona, while others savour the atmosphere at Anfield. Watching live on TV is a delight, but experiencing it from the stadium brings a unique experience. After the football trip, watching a match of the club will never be the same; every game will bring back memories of that one time you were there. That's what makes football trips so special.

What is a Football Trip?

VoetbalreizenTravelling abroad and attending a football match would be the logical description. However, everyone has a different reason for making the trip. Some might book a weekend in London with their partner and decide to catch a game, while others travel specifically for that one match. Or you might follow your Dutch club when they play a European away game. These are all forms of football trips.

The Perfect Football Trip for You

The football trips foundation remains the same. Visitfootball arranges the flights, accommodation, and match tickets. These are also the starting points for assembling the trip. The customer indicates their preferences, and Visitfootball puts together the perfect journey. The customer's choices for their trip are further described below. Above all, the customer will have a unique experience without any hindrances.

How Do Our Football Trips Work?

At Visitfootball.com, customers assemble their football trips. This way, there are no surprises, and they can plan everything well. The choice is entirely up to the customer! The match choice is important, but don’t forget the flight times and accommodation. Choosing carelessly leads to fewer experiences during the football trip. So, consider what you prefer to ensure nothing stands in the way of your trip. Our football trips are very easy to organise, as you only need to communicate your preferences to us, and we will assemble your complete journey.

Choose Your Own Match

Determining a football trip starts with choosing the match. Options include a top game in the Premier League, a relegation battle in the Bundesliga, the world-famous El Clásico, and matches of clubs like FC Porto and Millwall. This is just a small selection of the matches offered, the rest can be found on our match page. If your desired match is not listed, let us know!

The Best Match for You

The choice of a match can depend on many factors. You might prefer a match combined with good weather, such as a game in Valencia, or purely for the atmosphere and football culture, travelling to a Championship club. Moreover, it also depends on the match date. A match during the holiday might be more attractive if you want to visit with your children. While a midweek match might be better if you play sports during the weekend. In short, combining your free time and the match time is very important when choosing a match.

Choose Your Flight

Choosing flights varies per person. While some prefer flying early in the morning to explore the city, others opt for a later flight to rest for the match. For afternoon matches, I recommend flying to the city the day before to avoid stress and rushing on match day. When you are already in the city on match day, you will travel to the stadium in peace and be sure to arrive on time. The atmosphere around the stadiums is impressive even before the match.

The Best Flight for You

For evening matches, travelling to the city on the morning of the match day poses no problems, as you have enough time to check into your hotel and travel to the stadium. For the return flight, the most convenient way is to fly back the evening after the match day. This way, you can have a relaxed breakfast and visit the city the day after the match. And discuss the match over a drink on a terrace.

Choose Your Stay

To complete your football trip, you must choose accommodation, whether you opt for a simple hostel or the comfort of a luxury hotel. Hotels in the city centre are more practical if you want to see a lot of the city but are often more expensive. A hotel near the stadium is convenient if you are in the city only for the match. If you opt for the cheapest possible football trip, you will likely choose to stay in a hostel.

The Best Stay for You

Whether you choose a hotel or a hostel, everything is possible. When using Visitfootball.com, you determine your preferences. We then choose the most suitable and cost-effective accommodation for you. If you have few preferences and prefer to leave it to us, we will choose a hotel with which we have a good working relationship and positive experiences.

Visiting Multiple Matches

voetbalreisMany countries in Europe have areas/cities with multiple professional football clubs. Examples include London, Manchester, Madrid, West Germany (clubs near the Dutch border), and Rome. This allows for visiting multiple matches in a few days. This way, you can experience different football cultures during one trip. Especially in England, catching a match in a lower league is recommended.

Football Matches in England

For example, we recommend visiting multiple matches if you choose a trip to London. Due to the many football clubs in London, there is (almost) a match to visit daily. There are many competition levels in English professional football, resulting in many professional clubs in England. This allows you to experience the different types of football culture fully. The difference in atmosphere between a Championship match and a Premier League match is extraordinary. The same applies to the city of Manchester.

Football Matches in Germany

Also very popular are the German clubs near the Dutch border. If you travel to the match, you can purchase only the match tickets. An example would be visiting a Bundesliga match. There are many clubs near the German border that you can visit. For instance, the distance between FC Köln and Bayer Leverkusen's stadiums is just over 20 kilometres. Ideal for visiting two matches in one weekend. In this case, travelling to the matches with your own transport is easier. This is no problem for Visitfootball. Our goal is to introduce you to the unique experience of foreign football culture.

What Does a Football Trip Cost?

The costs of football trips greatly depend on the choices the customer makes. Based on these choices, the football trip is assembled in the most cost-effective way possible while maintaining good quality. So our customers do not pay too much for the football trips but still have a unique experience. That's what makes football trips so special.

Determine the Costs Yourself

Determining what such a trip will cost starts with the customer's choices. There is a difference in the luxury you choose for the overnight stay. Staying in a hostel just outside the downtown is the cheapest option for a football trip. Also, a three-star hotel in the centre is always offered. The price of this can easily be double that of a hostel stay. Moreover, hotel prices fluctuate a lot, which we unfortunately have no control over. Therefore, we recommend planning and booking a trip early to avoid overpaying.

Book Early for Lower Costs

But also the flight times and the airport from which you fly. As you understand, a flight early in the morning is often cheaper than a flight at 11:00 in the morning. And there are many more examples. The price for a flight mainly depends on the demand for certain flights. An example of this is that a flight to London on Friday afternoon is more expensive than a flight to London on Saturday morning. The same applies to the return flight. A flight on Sunday evening is more expensive than a flight on Monday morning. So, book early to avoid overpaying.

The Many Possibilities at VisitFootball.com

Additionally, there is a significant difference in the prices for match tickets. For instance, match tickets for Liverpool are much more expensive than Manchester City's. The price for a match ticket is mainly related to the club's popularity or performance. Therefore, the price for a complete trip with football tickets varies greatly and depends on the customer's choices. You can opt for a luxurious city trip with a match or a short stay with a game.

Football Trips Abroad

Our football trips have become very popular recently due to their unique nature and excellent prices. Additionally, our service is highly appreciated, leading to very positive word-of-mouth advertising. There are numerous different possibilities for a football trip. Below, we have listed a few.

Football Trip to England

voetbalreis EngelandFootball trips to England are the most popular among football enthusiasts. It is a football trip you must experience in your lifetime, primarily focusing on English football culture. Especially in the Championship matches, the English football atmosphere is excellent. Nonetheless, visiting one of the many top Premier League clubs is recommended. Due to the high TV revenues in England, even the "smaller" clubs can have a good squad, making the matches against top clubs rarely an easy win.

Plenty of Choices in England

Another significant advantage of English football is the numerous professional clubs, allowing multiple matches to be attended in one trip. For instance, if you are staying in London, why not catch a game of the famous Millwall? There are many people who, in addition to visiting a match of, for example, Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspur, also visit a club from a lower division. Another advantage of the many English professional clubs is the number of derbies played, each more charged than the other.

Liverpool Tickets Also Available

Partly due to the famous "You'll Never Walk Alone" before the match, attending a Liverpool game is very popular. Additionally, Liverpool's performance has significantly improved in recent years, with the championship in 2020 being the icing on the cake. The only downside is that, due to high demand, Liverpool's match tickets are more expensive than average.

Football Trip to Germany

voetbalreis duitslandAttending a match in Germany is very popular as it can often be done with private transport. The famous clubs for football trips with their vehicle are Borussia Mönchengladbach, Bayer Leverkusen, Fortuna Düsseldorf, FC Köln, FC Schalke 04, and Borussia Dortmund. The most popular destination is Borussia Dortmund's Signal Iduna Park, known for the Gelbe Wand. But even the "smaller" clubs' supporters create an overwhelming atmosphere.

Unique Experience in Germany

The strength of attending a German match is the combination of friendliness in the stadiums and good football. This is evident from the atmosphere, the bratwurst sandwiches, and the large cups/mugs of beer. Another attraction of German football is the large stadiums and passionate fans. Especially during derbies, the ardent supporters of the clubs in Germany go all out. Many clubs are located close to each other in the west of Germany, near the Dutch border, making these matches quickly seen as derbies.

Opt for a Derby

The most famous derby in this region is between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke, also known as the Revierderby or the Kohlenpott-derby. It's the battle between the two largest and most successful clubs from the Ruhr area. Before this match, the passionate fans of both clubs did everything to encourage the players. The largest and most beautiful banners are created, and the players know what's at stake. Here you can find tickets for the match between Schalke and Dortmund.

Football Trip to Spain

voetbalreizen barcelonaFootball trips to Spain are often combined with a city trip to the sun. Trips to Madrid and Barcelona are trendy, but Valencia is also very attractive due to its coastal location. What more could you ask for than an afternoon on the beach and an evening at a Valencia match? The large stadiums of the Spanish top clubs are also quite impressive. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona's stadiums have capacities of 81,000 and 99,000, respectively, while Atletico Madrid and Valencia are slightly lower, with 68,000 and 55,000.

Barcelona is a Very Popular

Yet, attending a Barcelona match has been the most popular request for many years. The first is the lively football FC Barcelona has played for years. The famous tiki-taka football has been inseparably linked with FC Barcelona since 2008. Between 2008 and 2012, Pep Guardiola's Barcelona was characterised by this playing style. Another significant reason for FC Barcelona's popularity is seeing Lionel Messi play live, perhaps the world's greatest footballer of all time. And since this year, he has been privileged to play with Frenkie de Jong, making it more attractive for many Dutch people to attend a Barca match.

Football Trip to Italy

Attending a match in Italy has become much more popular since Cristiano Ronaldo transferred to Juventus in the summer of 2018. But also, because of the many Dutch footballers, watching a Serie A match has become more interesting. Famous Dutch footballers in Serie A include Justin Kluivert, Matthijs de Ligt, Stefan de Vrij, and Mitchell Dijks.

Rome is Ideal

A famous city for holidays in Italy is Rome. Hence, it is also interesting to catch a match in Rome. The great advantage of Rome is that every weekend a top club plays at home. Lazio Roma and AS Roma play a home match every other week. Tickets for games of both clubs are relatively cheap, making it very enjoyable to attend a match if you are in Rome. But the most fun is participating in a match between the two clubs.

Milan, More than Just Football

Milan, the city of fashion. It is the perfect city for men to visit for a weekend with their partner. Shopping for clothes in the afternoon and watching Lukaku score in the evening. Or perhaps the striker of AC Milan. As you probably know, two major clubs are located in Milan. They even share the same stadium, the famous San Siro. Like in Rome, one of the two plays at home every weekend.

The Best Football Trips are Found at VisitFootball.com

There are plenty of types of football trips available. The choice is yours. Will you opt for a trip to London and attend three matches one weekend? Or would you instead go to the impressive Camp Nou and watch Frenkie de Jong shine alongside world star Lionel Messi in Barcelona? In any case, you will have a unique experience and create unforgettable memories.

Review your preferences for your football trip in advance, such as flight times and accommodation, and you will receive a fully organised trip to a football match. But even if you are already abroad and only looking for match tickets, this is no problem. Experiencing the atmosphere of a foreign football match is paramount. Our football trips are very beloved! If you want to know more, contact us now!