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Secure your tickets to witness Bayern Munich's electrifying matches exclusively at Visitfootball.com. We offer affordable side-by-side seating, ensuring you don't miss a moment. Dreaming of watching stars like Jamal Musiala, Joshua Kimmich, and Leroy Sané dazzle on the pitch at the iconic Allianz Arena? Find your Bayern Munich tickets or request a tailored football trip quote now!
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Why visitfootball.com for your tickets or trip to Bayern München?

No one is alone at Allianz Arena No one is alone in even numbers. With odd numbers we can almost always place you together if you contact us
Official Bayern München tickets With us you get real match tickets. You will receive this digitally.
Bayern München match guarantee In many cases you are protected during competition travel
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Frequently Asked Questions

You should choose visitfootball.com for your Bayern Munich tickets because we provide secure access to top European football match tickets and unique opportunities to watch your team on the field. We’ve been active since 2011, delivering a unique football experience to all fans and ensuring seating for even ticket bookings with 24/7 trip support. We include all essential elements for your trip, such as hotels, match tickets, and tailored guarantees to address any unexpected issues.
You can get Bayern Munich tickets directly from our website, visitfootball.com. Search for Bayern Munich matches in the Clubs section and find the ones you want to go to. Pick one, and select whether you want only football tickets or the complete travel experience that includes hotel, flight, and city guide.
You will receive your match tickets via E-tickets. You can save them and show them directly at the stadium. We will inform you about a week before the match in exceptional cases where we deliver tickets in a different format.
Yes, we will ensure you are sitting next to each other. If you are with an odd group, please get in touch with us. We are happy to inform you about the Bayern Munich seating options.
Yes, you can purchase a Bayern Munich match without date confirmation. However, you must wait for an official match date to attend the event. Check our competition page to see the latest date confirmations.
No, you can’t choose a specific seat at Allianz Arena Stadium because we arrange chairs to optimise groups to be seated together. You can select the category where you want to sit. We will do everything possible to ensure you and your group have the best seats.
You may be eligible for a refund, depending on your situation. We encourage you to speak directly with our team via WhatsApp, email, social media, or phone several days before the match’s date to help you solve your issue. You can also visit our terms and conditions page to get more information.
We don't usually have group or family discounts, but you can request a personalised Bayern Munich trip at visitfootball.com to travel with a group.
No, we don't sell Away tickets. We mainly sell Home match seats. You can't also wear visiting colours. Please wear regular clothes or Home colours when going to a match.
We focussen ons voornamelijk op thuisvak tickets. Tenzij het anders wordt vermeld, verkopen we geen uitvak tickets. Ook het dragen van uittenues van de tegenstander is in het thuisvak niet toegestaan.
Here you will find everything you want to know about Bayern München tickets!

Seating at Allianz Arena Stadium

At the Allianz Arena Stadium, you can find your place in the excitement of the game. Experience the passion from three categories that involve four stands.


Each is designed to allow you to experience the game in your own way:

  • Category 1: You'll be right in the heart of the action and will enjoy a panoramic view and see every play up close and personal. In addition, you will have access to the central sections on the short side. You will experience every moment of the match in all its intensity. Every play and goal will be an unforgettable experience.
  • Category 2: This category offers you a unique and diverse perspective. It includes short side corners and lower-central sections on the long side so you capture every detail. Category two is ready to give you a perspective from every angle.
  • Category 3: In category 3, you will ascend to the heights and experience football from a panoramic perspective. Here, you'll have a full view of all the match action. Watch the game in its entirety, and appreciate the strategy and the excitement unfolding before your eyes.

Are you ready to buy Bayern Munich tickets and experience football like never before?

The Bayern Munich Tickets

Bayern Munich Ticket Authenticity


All of our Bayern Munich tickets are original and provided by official distributors. We ensure quality and a unique experience for football fans like you.

Bayern Munich Match Guarantee

The tickets are available on our website until we run out of stock. We actively monitor availability and ensure a fixed price during your purchase process.

If a football ticket is sold out, we will provide alternatives you may like or proceed with a full refund without penalisation.


We also suggest you book a premium service package with an extra guarantee to ensure you receive a refund or have access to the event on a different date in case of an unexpected issue like match relocation or flight delays.

Ticket Delivery Method

We do our best to deliver our tickets quickly and efficiently. Even with the high demand, we still provide excellent service.

Here at visitfootball.com, we ensure you get them quickly to plan the rest of your trip. We will email your match tickets quite ahead of time. You should expect to receive them at least five days before the competition’s date. Maybe sooner.

You will receive your tickets via E-tickets. This means you can download and save your passes as PDFs and easily use them to enter the stadium.

Plan a Unique Bayern Munich Football Trip

Watching a Bayern Munich match is a spectacle in itself. But if you decide to experience it, you can also take advantage of the football-enthusiast-friendly sights that the Baviera city offers.


  • Allianz Arena Tour: Outside match days, a stadium tour is necessary to get behind-the-scenes perspectives at this architectural marvel.
  • Deutsches Museum: A deep dive into the history of technology and science, including sports technology.
  • Football museums: Munich has sports museums that highlight its rich football history.
  • Säbener Straße: Bayern Munich's training complex. If you're lucky, you can watch the team train or meet the players.
  • Bayern Munich Fanshop: Located at the city’s heart. It is a paradise for collectors and fans to buy souvenirs and merchandise.
  • Stadion an der Schleißheimerstraße: A traditional pub where football fans gather for big matches.
  • The Champions Sportsbar: It’s a great place to watch football matches, with a lively atmosphere and worldwide fans.
  • Kilians Irish Bar: Not just for Irish fans, this bar in the heart of Munich attracts football fans with its great atmosphere on match days.

About the Club Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich stands as a powerhouse in the Bundesliga, a symbol of relentless domination.


The club has clinched the German title numerous times, showcasing an unparalleled and sustained superiority, leaving a mark that resonates throughout the league.

Delve into their history, and you'll encounter an astonishing feat: Eleven consecutive Bundesliga titles between 2012 and 2023. This shows their prowess and sheer determination.

The Allianz Arena is a mesmerising display of lights that adorns the exterior, painting the night with vibrant hues and providing a breathtaking visual experience. It has a capacity exceeding 75,000 during international matches. It is a coliseum where the fans' roars reverberate, shaping the destiny of each game. Here, you can acquire Bayern München vs Borussia Dortmund tickets and other matches.

And then there are the legends of Bayern Munich:

  • Gerd Müller, famously known as "The Bomber," was blessed with an innate goal-scoring instinct that propelled Bayern to countless victories.
  • Arjen Robben, the Dutch maestro, etched his name in history with his iconic left-footed strikes, culminating in unforgettable goals, including the one in the 2013 Champions League final.

Get your Bayern Munich Tickets today and immerse yourself in an electrifying atmosphere, experiencing football at its best.

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