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Europa League tickets

Get your tickets for the Europa League season now! Witness the excitement as 32 teams from Europe's top football clubs clash in the UEFA Europa League. Immerse yourself in the pulsating heart of football. Grab your tickets for the Europa League and join the magic with these elite clubs!
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy Europa League football tickets at Visitfootball.com. We’ve been providing top-notch football experiences since 2011, always ensuring the best seats at affordable prices and tailored to your preferences.
When purchasing tickets, you can know your seating arrangement by selecting the category you want to sit in. The options are separated into categories, each providing unique perspectives and experiences catering to all football fans.
You can ensure you’re seated with friends or family during the match if you buy an even number of tickets in one transaction. For odd numbers, please contact us before you make your purchase.
You will get Europa League tickets as e-tickets. You will get an email up to 5 days before your game with all the details to ensure a seamless entry experience at the stadium.
Yes, we offer comprehensive Europa League football trips that include match tickets, flights, and hotel accommodations. Reach out to us or make a quote to customise a package according to your preferences.
Yes, you can request a custom football trip for a specific Europa League match. All you need to do is complete the quote form, and we will contact you to confirm the details within 24 hours.
The price for the Europa League final is yet to be determined, but depending on availability and seating options it could go up to $3450.00 or more.

Europa League Ticket Delivery

You will receive your e-tickets for the UEFA Europa League five days before your match, ensuring you can get tickets easily. Your passes can be downloaded to your phone and saved as PDFs for future use. Remember to bring your ID or passport for seamless entry into the world of European football.


You’ll also receive important information and other travel components if you’ve booked flights and accommodation, ensuring a smooth experience.

To secure a traditional and smooth stadium entrance to your chosen seating category, get tickets for the UEFA Europa League today and immerse yourself in the excitement of Europa League football.

Why Buy Europa League Tickets?

The UEFA Europa League stands as one of Europe's premier football tournaments, highlighting Europa League winners, top-tier teams, and unforgettable moments.

Securing a ticket to a UEFA Europa League match transcends 90 minutes of play; it immerses you in the electric atmosphere and rich history of the event, as teams vie for a spot in the UEFA Europa League final.

With diverse clubs from across the continent competing for the coveted trophy, each match showcases skill, strategy, and passion. Book your Europa League tickets now to experience the pinnacle of European football firsthand.

Europa League Football Trip Opportunities

During the 23/24 season, the spotlight shines on Dublin Arena in the Republic of Ireland, the chosen venue for the Europa League's grand finale. But the experience doesn't end with the final whistle.


Dublin is a city steeped in history and culture and offers football enthusiasts plenty to explore:

  • Croke Park Stadium Tour: While primarily a Gaelic games stadium, Croke Park is a mecca for sports fans. Dive into its history and walk the grounds where many legendary matches have occurred.
  • National Football Exhibition: Located in the heart of Dublin, this exhibition celebrates the rich football history in Ireland, showcasing memorabilia, interactive displays, and stories of Ireland's footballing heroes.
  • Temple Bar: Head to Temple Bar, Dublin's cultural quarter after the match. Its vibrant atmosphere makes it the perfect place to discuss the game's highlights over a pint of traditional Irish stout.

But while you wait for the finale, you can still get other Europa League tickets to see clubs like:

Explore London, Liverpool, or Rome and discover what it truly means to be a football fan!

About Europa League Football History

The Europa League, formerly known as the UEFA Cup since 1971, has become a key stage for European clubs. Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, and Liverpool have made their mark with memorable victories and moments that have gone down in history.


Sevilla, standing out with three Europa League titles, is the most decorated team, while figures like Radamel Falcao have set scoring records. The evolution of the tournament to its current Europa League group stage has intensified the competition, offering constant football spectacle.

The rich history of the competition is enhanced by teams that have reached the final in 1983, adding layers of tradition and excitement to each season of the Europa League.

Fierce Rivalries

The Europa League is the backdrop for some of football's most intense rivalries that add a layer of drama and intensity to the competition.

Some clashes include:

These matches are not just about advancing to the next stage. They're about pride, history, and local bragging rights. The raw emotion, the roaring crowds, and the unforgettable moments of sheer footballing magic make these rivalries the heart and soul of the Europa League experience.