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Secure your Hungary Euro 2024 Tickets in Germany to witness the Hungarian national team in action. Renowned for their tenacity and skillful play, Hungary promises to captivate European fans with their thrilling performances. Choose from a range of ticket options to experience the excitement live and join a passionate fanbase in cheering on Hungary's quest for success in the tournament hosted in Germany. Get Hungary Euro 2024 tickets now!
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Frequently Asked Questions

The ticket sales for Hungary's matches at Euro 2024 started to kick off in phases. You can now get Hungary Euro 2024 tickets on Visitfootball and enjoy the thrill of the game!
Hospitality ticket prices for Hungary Euro 2024 matches typically range from approximately €600 for group stage matches to over €2,500 for key fixtures like semi-finals and the final. These packages include premium seating, fine dining, and exclusive services. Visitfootball doesn’t sell Hospitality tickets, but you can choose top and affordable Euro 2024 match tickets with unique sights and seatings.
The Hungary Euro 2024 price varies from 355€ to 895€, depending on availability and group stage, like the opening match, the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the Euro 2024 final. All of our tickets are official and secure.
You can buy Hungary Euro 2024 tickets using our platform. You must select which Hungary game you want to attend, pick the seat category, and complete the purchase process. You will receive your tickets 5 days before the match.
The Euro Cup 2024 is taking place in Germany, with venues in Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, and Stuttgart​​.
You can buy up to 8 Euro 2024 tickets per transaction. This allows you to get side-by-side seats while enjoying a privileged position at the stadium. If you’re looking for more than 8 tickets or want to ensure you get side-by-side seats, contact us before purchasing.
Here you will find everything you want to know about Hungary tickets!

Special Seats for Hungary Euro Cup Games


For the Euro 2024 games in Hungary, you can look forward to various special seating options that cater to diverse preferences and expectations. Euro 2024 venues like the Munich Football Arena and other stadiums across Germany are known for their modern facilities and varied seating arrangements. They offer everything from close-to-action seats to more panoramic views of the pitch​.

Hungary's matches anticipate an exciting atmosphere, with options ranging from standard seats that offer great views and a vibrant atmosphere to VIP packages that provide luxury experiences, including premium seating, exclusive access areas, and additional amenities​​.

But which’s the best spot for you?

  • Category 1 is for the best action view.
  • Category 2 is for the best action-price value.
  • Category 3 is the cheapest option available.

You’ll enjoy all Hungarian Euro matches, no matter your choice. Get your Euro tickets now!

About Hungary Euro 2024 Tickets


Hungary is a remarkable contender in European football, with a history in the UEFA European Championship that speaks to its past glories and resilient spirit. The nation's football journey has seen moments of brilliance, underlined by their participation in the early editions of the tournament, demonstrating their capability to compete on Europe's grand football stage.

In recent years, Hungary has shown signs of resurgence, battling through qualifiers and group stages and rekindling the passion and hope among its supporters.

As we look towards Euro 2024, there is an air of optimism around the Hungarian national team. They combine experienced campaigners and emerging talents to make a significant impact. The anticipation around the team's participation in Euro 2024 is palpable, with supporters eager to see Hungary compete with vigor and demonstrate the depth of talent in Hungarian football.

The Hungarian Football Federation and coaching staff, understanding the weight of expectation, are focused on preparations to enable the team to showcase their best football. This includes strategic planning, nurturing young talents, and fostering a team spirit that can carry them through the challenges of a major tournament like Euro 2024.

Euro 2024 Tickets Delivery

Your Hungary tickets for UEFA Euro 2024 will be delivered as mobile tickets. You will receive them on a dedicated app and close to the tournament, but not before May 2024. You will also receive instructions by email when your mobile tickets are sent.

All tickets are sent gradually, so you'll receive them as soon as possible.

Hungary Ticket Authenticity

Our live Hungary Euro 2024 tickets are original and provided by official distributors. We ensure quality and a unique experience for football fans like you.


Hungary Tickets Guarantee

The tickets are available on our website until we run out of stock. We actively monitor availability and ensure a fixed price during your purchase process.

If a football ticket is sold out, we will provide alternatives you may like or proceed with a full refund without penalisation.

We suggest you book a premium service package with an extra guarantee to ensure you receive a refund or have access to the event on a different date in case of an unexpected issue like match relocation or flight delays.

Ticket Delivery Method

We do our best to deliver our tickets quickly and efficiently. Even with the high demand, we still provide excellent service.

Here at visitfootball.com, we ensure you get your passes quickly to plan the rest of your trip. We will email your Hungary match tickets quite ahead of time. Expect to receive them at least 5 days before the competition’s date. Maybe sooner!

You will receive your tickets digitally for more comfort and easy access to all Euro 2024 matches.

Euro Cup Football Trip Rivalries to Watch


Hungary will face SwitzerlandGermany, and Scotland during the Euro Cup 2024. Yet, there are other events that we must remember, such as:

  • Hungary vs. Austria: This match reignited a historic rivalry. Hungary defeated Austria 2-0 in the group stage of 2016, marking a significant victory and showcasing Hungary's competitive spirit.
  • Hungary vs. Portugal: An unforgettable 3-3 draw in the group stage happened in 2016. This match was a thrilling encounter, with both teams showcasing attacking football, contributing to one of the most memorable matches of the tournament. Now, it will return in 2024.
  • Hungary vs. Iceland: A critical 2016 match occurred in the group stage where Hungary came from behind to secure a 1-1 draw, demonstrating resilience and determination. Now, both teams return looking for a win.

Hungary at the UEFA Euro Cup

Hungary, a stalwart in European football, has participated in the UEFA Euro Championship five times – in 1964, 1972, 2016, 2020, and the upcoming tournament in 2024. In 1964, they reached the quarter-finals, displaying their football prowess. After a hiatus, Hungary returned in 2016, making a significant impact by reaching the Round of 16. With a rich footballing heritage, Hungary's sporadic appearances in the Euros reflect a legacy of resilience and talent on the European stage. As they continue to evolve, the football world eagerly anticipates Hungary's performance in the upcoming tournament.

Hungary's Top Achievements in the UEFA Euro Cup

  • 1964 semi-finals: In the 1964 UEFA European Championship, Hungary scripted a historic journey by reaching the semi-finals, etching a milestone in their football history. Guided by manager Lajos Baróti, the team displayed remarkable skill and determination, showcasing the strength of Hungarian football. While they ultimately fell short against Spain in the semi-finals, Hungary's run in 1964 stands as one of the greatest moments in their Euro history.
  • Return to the big stage in 2016:  Hungary made a triumphant return to the UEFA European Championship in 2016, marking their first participation since 1972. Under coach Bernd Storck, the team displayed resilience and determination, reaching the Round of 16. In the group stage, Hungary drew with Portugal and Iceland and defeated Austria, showcasing their competitiveness. While their journey ended with a loss to Belgium in the knockout stage, Hungary's return in 2016 revitalized their Euro presence and signaled a promising resurgence for Hungarian football on the international stage after a prolonged absence.


Top Players in Hungary's UEFA Euro Cup History

  • Ferenc Puskás: Although better known for his earlier career, Puskás is a legendary figure in Hungarian football whose influence extends into the Euro Cup era.
  • Flórián Albert: A key player in Hungary's 1964 campaign, Albert's skill and vision were pivotal in their semi-final run.

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