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Experience the passion and talent of Serbian football with Serbia Euro 2024 Tickets. Join the genuine fans and witness the team's quest for glory on the European stage. With a history of strong performances and a squad rich in skill, Serbia's matches promise thrilling football action. Buy Serbian Euro 2024 tickets and support your team as they face Europe’s finest clubs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The ticket sales for Serbia matches at Euro 2024 started to kick off in phases. You can now get Serbia Euro 2024 tickets on Visitfootball and enjoy the thrill of the game!
Hospitality ticket prices for Serbia Euro 2024 matches typically range from approximately €600 for group stage matches to over €2,500 for key fixtures like semi-finals and the final. These packages include premium seating, fine dining, and exclusive services. Visitfootball doesn’t sell Hospitality tickets, but you can choose top and affordable Euro 2024 match tickets with unique sights and seatings.
The Serbia Euro 2024 price varies from 355€ to 895€, depending on availability and group stage, like the opening match, the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the Euro 2024 final. All of our tickets are official and secure.
You can buy Serbia Euro 2024 tickets using our platform. You must select which Serbia game you want to attend, pick the seat category, and complete the purchase process. You will receive your tickets 5 days before the match.
The Euro Cup 2024 is taking place in Germany, with venues in Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, and Stuttgart​​.
You can buy up to 8 Euro 2024 tickets per transaction. This allows you to get side-by-side seats while enjoying a privileged position at the stadium. If you’re looking for more than 8 tickets or want to ensure you get side-by-side seats, contact us before purchasing.
Here you will find everything you want to know about Serbia tickets!

Special Seats for Serbian Euro Cup Games


When selecting seating options for Serbian Euro Cup games, you'll find a variety to suit every desire and expectation. From seats that put you right in the thick of the action, where you can almost feel the pulse of the game, to spots that offer a broader view of the stadium, enveloping you in the grandeur of European football, the choice is yours.

Each seating category enhances your viewing experience, ensuring you live every moment of Serbia's journey in Euro 2024 with the utmost excitement and comfort.

The anticipation of being part of the live crowd amidst a sea of fans echoing support for Serbia adds a unique thrill to the matchday experience. Whether you're drawn to the intimate atmosphere of being close to the pitch or prefer the sweeping views from a higher vantage point, the seating options cater to your preference for how you wish to experience the game.

This is your opportunity to be more than just a spectator. It's a chance to join Serbia's quest for glory, surrounded by the passion and energy only live football can offer.

But which’s the best spot for you?

  • Category 1 is for the best action view.
  • Category 2 is for the best action-price value.
  • Category 3 is the cheapest option available.

You’ll enjoy all Serbian Euro matches, no matter your choice. Get Serbian Euro tickets now!

About Serbia Euro 2024 Tickets


When you secure your Serbia Euro 2024 Tickets, you get more than just a seat at a football match. You're stepping into a story of a nation united by its love for the game. Under the strategic leadership of their current coach, Serbia is poised to showcase its tactical prowess and team spirit on Europe's grand stage. Your ticket offers a front-row experience to witness Serbia's fight and passion, making every match an unforgettable part of your Euro 2024 journey.

This is your chance to be part of a thrilling chapter in Serbian football history, surrounded by the energy and anticipation of fans worldwide. The expectations are sky-high with Serbia's commitment to exceeding their past performances and a roster brimming with talent.

Become part of a collective hope and dream for national glory at Euro 2024.

Euro 2024 Tickets Delivery

Your Serbia tickets for UEFA Euro 2024 will be delivered as mobile tickets. You will receive them on a dedicated app and close to the tournament, but not before May 2024. You will also receive instructions by email when your mobile tickets are sent.

All tickets are sent gradually, so you'll receive them as soon as possible.

Buy Serbia Euro 2024 tickets now!

Serbia Ticket Authenticity

Our live Serbia Euro 2024 tickets are original and provided by official distributors. We ensure quality and a unique experience for football fans like you.

Serbia Tickets Guarantee


The tickets are available on our website until we run out of stock. We actively monitor availability and ensure a fixed price during your purchase process.

If a football ticket is sold out, we will provide alternatives you may like or proceed with a full refund without penalisation.

We suggest you book a premium service package with an extra guarantee to ensure you receive a refund or have access to the event on a different date in case of an unexpected issue like match relocation or flight delays.

Ticket Delivery Method

We do our best to deliver our tickets quickly and efficiently. Even with the high demand, we still provide excellent service.

Here at visitfootball.com, we ensure you get your passes quickly to plan the rest of your trip. We will email your Serbian match tickets quite ahead of time. Expect to receive them at least 5 days before the competition’s date. Maybe sooner!

You will receive your tickets digitally for more comfort and easy access to all Euro 2024 matches.

Euro Cup Football Trip Rivalries to Watch


In Euro 2024, Serbia will face EnglandSlovenia, and Denmark. But there have been other encounters that are worth mentioning:

  • Serbia vs Croatia: This rivalry is intense due to their shared history and has seen significant matches, such as the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification games, where Croatia secured a win at home and a draw in Belgrade, and the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers, where the teams were placed in the same group but did not meet due to Serbia's elimination in the playoffs​.
  • Serbia vs Albania: The matches between these two have been marked by political tensions, including a notable incident during the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying match in Belgrade, awarded to Albania after being abandoned due to a drone carrying a flag sparking a brawl.

About Serbia at the UEFA Euro Cup

As Serbia embarks on its inaugural journey in the UEFA European Championship 2024, fans are excitedly buzzing. This landmark event marks not only Serbia's first independent appearance since the dissolution of Yugoslavia but also a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to witness the dawn of a new era in Serbian football.

For those eager to be part of this historic moment, securing tickets to Serbia's matches in Euro 2024 is about experiencing the passion, talent, and resurgence of a nation with a rich footballing heritage.

Serbia's debut in the UEFA Euro Cup presents an unmissable spectacle.

Serbia's Top Achievements in the UEFA Euro Cup

  • Finals in 1960 and 1968: As part of Yugoslavia until 2006, Serbia made its UEFA European Championship debut in 2024 after the nation's dissolution. Previously ineligible, the team now competes independently. The upcoming Euro marks Serbia's inaugural appearance, signifying a new chapter in their footballing journey. With a rich history inherited from the Yugoslav era, Serbia's participation in Euro 2024 reflects its evolution as a distinct footballing entity. It adds an exciting dimension to its presence on the European stage.
  • 2024 Euro Qualification: Serbia's qualification for Euro 2024 signifies a historic moment, marking its inaugural appearance as an independent nation since the dissolution of Yugoslavia. Breaking new ground in the UEFA European Championship, Serbia's presence in the upcoming tournament reflects the nation's footballing evolution and determination to compete at the highest level on the European stage.

Top Players in Serbia's UEFA Euro Cup History

  • Dragan Stojković and Dragan Džajić are notable for their significant contributions, with Stojković making 7 appearances and Džajić scoring 4 goals in the tournaments.
  • Savo Milošević stands out with 5 goals, marking him one of the top scorers in Serbia's Euro Cup participation.

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