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Secure your Roma tickets now on VisitFootball! Experience the electric atmosphere at the Stadio Olimpico, home to AS Roma. Fun fact: the Stadio Olimpico was originally built in 1928 as the Stadio dei Cipressi and was later renamed for the 1960 Summer Olympics. Don’t miss out—get your Roma tickets online today!

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Easy and Secure Ticket Purchase with VisitFootball

At VisitFootball, we understand the challenges fans face when trying to secure Roma tickets, especially since non-members can’t buy tickets directly through the club. To ensure you don’t miss out on the excitement at the Stadio Olimpico, we offer a seamless and reliable ticket purchasing experience tailored to your needs.

Simple 3-Step Process to Buy Roma Tickets Online

Purchasing Roma tickets online with us is straightforward and convenient. Here’s how you can secure your tickets in just three easy steps:

  1. Select Your Match and Seating Preferences:
    • Visit our website and browse through the available Roma matches. Select the game you want to attend and explore the various seating options. Whether you prefer the passionate atmosphere of the Curva Sud, the comfortable view from the Tribuna Tevere, or a family-friendly spot in the Distinti sections, our detailed seating plans help you choose the perfect spot.
  2. Complete the Purchase:
    • Once you’ve selected your match and seating, add your tickets to the cart and proceed to checkout. Our platform ensures a secure transaction process, protecting your personal and payment information. Fill in the required details accurately to confirm your purchase and receive a confirmation email.
  3. Receive Your Tickets:
    • After your payment is processed, you will receive your tickets via email. Print them out or download them to your mobile device, and you’re all set for an unforgettable matchday experience at the Stadio Olimpico.

Benefits of Buying from VisitFootball

By choosing VisitFootball, you not only secure your tickets easily but also enjoy a hassle-free experience. Our customer support team is always ready to assist with any queries or issues you might encounter. We provide competitive Roma ticket prices and ensure that all tickets are authentic, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on enjoying the game.

Get Your Ticket on Time

Avoid the complications of club membership and secure your Roma tickets through VisitFootball. With our easy 3-step process, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service, we are your trusted partner for all your AS Roma matchday needs. Don’t miss out on the action at the Stadio Olimpico – get your tickets today and join I Giallorossi as they strive for victory.

The Football Experience at the Stadio Olimpico

Arriving at the Stadio Olimpico

Your journey to the Stadio Olimpico begins with a sense of anticipation as you navigate through the historic streets of Rome. The stadium, situated in the Foro Italico sports complex, is surrounded by lush greenery and the scenic backdrop of Monte Mario. Arriving early is a must, as it allows you to soak up the pre-match atmosphere. Fans gather in the nearby Piazzale del Foro Italico, where street vendors sell delicious Roman street food like supplì (fried rice balls) and panino con porchetta (roast pork sandwiches).

Pre-Match Rituals and Atmosphere

As you approach the stadium, the energy is palpable. The Curva Sud, home to the most dedicated AS Roma supporters, is buzzing with activity. Here, you’ll find fans waving massive flags, singing club anthems, and chanting in unison. Joining in with the crowd’s songs, such as "Roma, Roma, Roma," enhances the sense of unity and passion shared among the supporters. This ritual of collective singing is not just about supporting the team but also about celebrating the rich heritage of AS Roma.

During the Match

With Roma tickets secured through VisitFootball, you’re guaranteed an excellent view from any seat in the stadium. The Stadio Olimpico’s design, inspired by the works of architect Annibale Vitellozzi, ensures that every fan feels close to the action. As the players take to the field, the crowd erupts in a deafening roar. The atmosphere reaches a fever pitch during key moments, such as a goal by a star player like Lorenzo Pellegrini. The stadium's multimedia system, featuring 500 HD screens, keeps you engaged with replays and live updates, ensuring you don’t miss a single moment of the action.

Post-Match Celebrations

After the final whistle, the excitement spills out into the streets of Rome. Fans often head to local bars and restaurants to discuss the match’s highlights. Spots like Scholar’s Lounge offer a lively environment to continue the celebration with fellow supporters. For a more relaxed post-match experience, a stroll through the historic center, perhaps visiting landmarks like the Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps, offers a perfect way to wind down.

VisitFootball makes it easy to be part of this unforgettable experience by providing seamless access to Roma tickets online. From the passionate pre-match rituals to the exhilarating on-field action and the celebratory post-match atmosphere, a game day at the Stadio Olimpico is an adventure that every football fan should experience.

Exploring the Stands at the Stadio Olimpico

Curva Sud: The Heart of AS Roma’s Passion

For the most ardent AS Roma supporters, the Curva Sud is the place to be. This stand is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, created by the Ultras, who are known for their passionate support. From the moment you enter the Curva Sud, you are surrounded by a sea of flags, banners, and the constant rhythm of drums. Fans here engage in continuous chanting and singing, making it an electric environment that drives the team forward. The most iconic songs, like "Roma, Roma, Roma," echo throughout the stadium, creating a sense of unity and pride. If you’re looking for a truly immersive experience, this is where you’ll find the heart and soul of AS Roma’s fanbase.

Tribuna Tevere: A Comfortable Viewing Experience

If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere with an excellent view of the pitch, the Tribuna Tevere is an ideal choice. Located on the side of the field, this stand offers a balanced perspective of the game, perfect for families and those looking to enjoy the match without the intensity of the Curva Sud. The seats here are comfortable, and the vantage point allows you to appreciate the tactical aspects of the game. The Tribuna Tevere is also equipped with modern amenities, including access to the stadium’s multimedia system, which features 500 HD screens providing replays and live updates, ensuring you stay engaged throughout the match.

Curva Nord: Hosting the Visiting Fans

Visiting fans are typically seated in the Curva Nord. This stand, located opposite the Curva Sud, ensures that away supporters have a dedicated space to enjoy the match. The Curva Nord provides a clear view of the pitch and is designed to accommodate visiting fans comfortably while maintaining a spirited environment. Historically, this area has been a hotspot for intense moments during Rome’s famed Derby della Capitale, where the atmosphere is charged with rivalry and anticipation. Security is a priority here, ensuring that visiting fans can support their team safely.

Distinti: The Versatile Option

The Distinti sections, located on either side of the Curva Sud and Curva Nord, offer a versatile seating option. These stands provide a great view of the pitch and are popular among fans who want to be close to the passionate Curva Sud without being in the thick of it. The Distinti sections are also family-friendly, making them a good choice for those attending with children. The design of these stands ensures that fans have easy access to all stadium facilities, including food vendors and restrooms.

Historic Games at the Stadio Olimpico

The Dramatic Comeback Against Barcelona

One of the most memorable matches in AS Roma's history took place on April 10, 2018, when they faced Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. After suffering a 4-1 defeat in the first leg at Camp Nou, Roma needed a miracle to advance to the next round. The Stadio Olimpico was packed with hopeful fans, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

From the kickoff, Roma played with relentless determination. Edin Džeko opened the scoring in the 6th minute, igniting hope among the supporters. As the game progressed, the intensity grew. Daniele De Rossi, a club legend, converted a penalty in the 58th minute, making the aggregate score 4-3. The decisive moment came in the 82nd minute when Kostas Manolas scored a crucial header, securing a 3-0 victory and a 4-4 aggregate draw, sending Roma through on away goals. The stadium erupted in jubilation, with fans celebrating one of the greatest comebacks in Champions League history.

The Derby della Capitale Victory

Another significant match in Roma’s history is the Derby della Capitale against Lazio. On March 1, 2019, Roma faced their fierce rivals in a highly anticipated Serie A fixture. The match was played in front of a roaring crowd at the Stadio Olimpico, with both sets of fans creating an intense atmosphere.

Roma dominated the game, with standout performances from players like Nicolò Zaniolo and Edin Džeko. Zaniolo scored the opening goal in the 34th minute, showcasing his exceptional talent. The game was tightly contested, but Džeko’s late goal in the 89th minute secured a 2-0 victory for Roma. The win not only brought bragging rights to the Giallorossi but also solidified their position in the league standings. The celebration among the Roma fans was immense, highlighting the deep-rooted rivalry and the significance of the derby victory.

The 2001 Scudetto Triumph

Roma’s 2000-01 Serie A title win is another historic moment etched in the memories of their supporters. The decisive match took place on June 17, 2001, against Parma. The Stadio Olimpico was a cauldron of emotions, with fans eagerly awaiting the title-clinching game.

Roma’s talisman, Francesco Totti, led the team with an inspirational performance. Totti, along with goals from Vincenzo Montella and Gabriel Batistuta, secured a 3-1 victory. The win confirmed Roma’s third Serie A title, and the celebrations that followed were extraordinary. The streets of Rome were filled with jubilant fans, celebrating their club’s triumph after an 18-year wait.

Experience the Excitement with VisitFootball

Watching AS Roma’s historic games live at the Stadio Olimpico is an unforgettable experience filled with passion and excitement. VisitFootball ensures you can be part of these incredible moments by providing a seamless way to purchase Roma tickets online. Whether it’s a crucial Champions League clash or a fiercely contested derby, we guarantee you the best seats to enjoy the game and be part of the history being made.

Roma’s Biggest Rivals

The Fierce Rivalry with Lazio: Derby della Capitale

The most intense and famous rivalry for AS Roma is undoubtedly with Lazio, known as the Derby della Capitale. This derby is one of the most hotly contested in world football, not only because both teams share the Stadio Olimpico but also due to the deep-rooted historical, social, and political differences between the fan bases.

One of the most memorable encounters in recent history was the match on March 1, 2019, where Roma secured a 3-1 victory. This game was particularly significant as it showcased the talents of emerging star Nicolò Zaniolo, who scored a crucial goal. The rivalry is not just about the game itself but also the weeks leading up to it, filled with banter and intense preparation by both sets of fans. The Curva Sud, home to Roma’s most passionate supporters, becomes a cauldron of noise and color, driving the team forward. These matches often feature high tension and dramatic moments, embodying the fierce competitive spirit of both clubs.

The Heated Battles with Napoli

Another significant rivalry for AS Roma is with Napoli, known as the Derby del Sole. This rivalry is fueled by the geographical proximity of the two cities and their historical significance in Italian football. Matches between Roma and Napoli are always highly anticipated, with both teams’ supporters bringing immense passion to the games.

A notable match took place on October 14, 2017, when Roma faced Napoli at the Stadio Olimpico. Despite Roma's valiant efforts, Napoli emerged victorious with a 1-0 win, thanks to a goal from Lorenzo Insigne. The game was intense, with end-to-end action and fierce tackles, highlighting the competitive nature of this rivalry. The fans' dedication is evident in their unwavering support, making the atmosphere at these matches electric. Roma's players, like Edin Džeko and Daniele De Rossi, have often been key figures in these encounters, showcasing their skills and determination to secure victory.

Experience the Rivalries with VisitFootball

Witnessing AS Roma's rivalries, whether it’s the Derby della Capitale against Lazio or the Derby del Sole against Napoli, is an experience filled with passion and excitement. VisitFootball ensures you can be part of these unforgettable moments by providing a seamless way to purchase Roma tickets online. From the electrifying atmosphere of the Curva Sud to the fierce on-field battles, these rivalries offer some of the most thrilling spectacles in football.

The Game-Day Experience at the Stadio Olimpico

Pre-Match Excitement

A game day at the Stadio Olimpico is not just about the match; it’s an all-encompassing experience that begins well before kickoff. Arrive early to explore Rome’s historic sites, such as the Vatican City, which is just a short distance from the stadium. Take a stroll through the Vatican Museums or marvel at St. Peter’s Basilica. For lunch, head to a local trattoria near the stadium, like Trattoria Da Valentino, where you can savor authentic Roman dishes like carbonara or cacio e pepe.

The Match at Stadio Olimpico

As you approach the Stadio Olimpico, the excitement in the air is palpable. The Curva Sud, where the most passionate Roma fans gather, is a sight to behold with its sea of red and yellow flags and the roar of the supporters singing club anthems. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, the Tribuna Tevere offers comfortable seating with an excellent view of the pitch. The Distinti sections are perfect for families, providing a great balance between enthusiastic support and a more calm environment.

The energy in the stadium peaks as the teams take the field, and the crowd’s chants create an electric atmosphere. Enjoying the game at Stadio Olimpico is an immersive experience that goes beyond just watching football.

Post-Match Celebrations

After the final whistle, the excitement spills out into the streets of Rome. Head to one of the nearby bars like Scholar’s Lounge or Finnegan Pub to discuss the match highlights with fellow fans over a pint. For a more relaxed post-match experience, consider visiting the historic center. Take a leisurely walk to iconic landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Rome by night.

Make Great Memories at the Stadio Olimpico

A game day at the Stadio Olimpico is a memorable adventure filled with rich experiences, both on and off the pitch. VisitFootball makes it easy to secure your Roma tickets online, ensuring you get the best seats and enjoy the full spectrum of activities Rome has to offer. From pre-match explorations of the city’s historic sites to the thrilling atmosphere during the game and post-match celebrations, every moment is crafted to create unforgettable memories for football fans.

Spending a Weekend in Rome

Day One: Exploring Ancient Rome

A weekend in Rome offers a perfect blend of football excitement and historical exploration. Start your adventure by diving into the rich history of the Eternal City. Begin your day with a visit to the Colosseum, the iconic symbol of Rome. Take a guided tour to learn about the gladiatorial contests and the architectural marvels of ancient Rome. From there, stroll over to the Roman Forum, where you can walk among the ruins of what was once the center of Roman public life.

For lunch, head to the Monti district, known for its charming streets and local eateries. Try the renowned Taverna dei Fori Imperiali, where you can savor traditional Roman dishes like amatriciana or saltimbocca alla romana.

Football at Stadio Olimpico

In the afternoon, make your way to the Stadio Olimpico for an AS Roma match. Secure your Roma tickets through VisitFootball to ensure you get the best seats. Experience the electric atmosphere of the Curva Sud or enjoy a more relaxed view from the Tribuna Tevere. The energy and passion of the fans, the chanting, and the excitement of the match create an unforgettable experience.

Day Two: Vatican and Roman Charm

On your second day, immerse yourself in the religious and artistic treasures of Vatican City. Start early with a visit to the Vatican Museums to see the Sistine Chapel’s magnificent ceiling painted by Michelangelo. Continue to St. Peter’s Basilica, where you can marvel at the grandeur of this iconic church and even climb to the top of the dome for a breathtaking view of Rome.

After the Vatican, take a leisurely walk through the charming Trastevere neighborhood. With its narrow, cobbled streets and vibrant atmosphere, Trastevere is perfect for exploring quaint shops, cafes, and local trattorias. Enjoy a lunch of pizza or pasta at a local favorite like Da Enzo al 29.

Evening in Rome

As the sun sets, head to the historic center to see Rome’s famous landmarks illuminated. Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain to ensure your return to Rome, and then make your way to the Spanish Steps. For dinner, visit a traditional restaurant such as La Pergola, where you can enjoy a luxurious meal while reflecting on your Roman adventure.

A Journey Through History

A weekend in Rome is a journey through history, culture, and football passion. From exploring ancient ruins to experiencing the thrill of an AS Roma match at the Stadio Olimpico, every moment is filled with unforgettable experiences. VisitFootball ensures you have the best access to Roma tickets online, helping you make the most of your trip. Spend a weekend in Rome and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Roma’s Trophy Achievements

European Trophies

AS Roma's journey in European competitions has seen moments of triumph and near-misses, with their most significant achievement being the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup victory in the 1960-61 season. This tournament, a precursor to the UEFA Cup, saw Roma defeat Birmingham City 4-2 on aggregate in the final. The first leg, played at St. Andrew's, ended in a 2-2 draw, with goals from Pedro Manfredini and Antonio Angelillo. In the return leg at the Stadio Olimpico, Roma secured a 2-0 victory, with goals from Manfredini and Paolo Pestrin, sealing their first major European trophy.

Roma's European journey has also seen them reach the finals of the UEFA Cup (now Europa League) in 1990-91, where they faced Inter Milan. Despite their best efforts, Roma lost 2-1 on aggregate. However, the resilience and spirit displayed during these campaigns have solidified their reputation in European football.

Domestic Championships

Domestically, AS Roma has a storied history in Italian football, with three Serie A titles to their name. Their first Scudetto came in the 1941-42 season under the guidance of coach Alfred Schaffer. Roma secured the title with a decisive 2-0 victory against Modena in the final game of the season, with goals from Amedeo Amadei and Guido Masetti, marking a historic moment for the club.

Roma's second Serie A title was won in the 1982-83 season, a campaign led by the legendary manager Nils Liedholm. The team, featuring iconic players like Paulo Roberto Falcão and Bruno Conti, played an attractive and dominant style of football. The title was clinched with a 3-1 victory over Avellino, with goals from Pruzzo and Di Bartolomei, ensuring Roma finished ahead of Juventus in the standings.

The most recent Serie A triumph came in the 2000-01 season, under the management of Fabio Capello. This season is fondly remembered by fans for the exceptional performances of club legends such as Francesco Totti, Gabriel Batistuta, and Vincenzo Montella. The decisive match was a 3-1 victory against Parma, with goals from Totti, Montella, and Batistuta, sparking joyous celebrations across the city.

Experience the Glory with VisitFootball

Watching AS Roma's pursuit of new trophies is an exhilarating experience that every football fan should witness. VisitFootball ensures you can be part of these historic moments by providing a seamless way to purchase Roma tickets online. From the thrilling atmosphere of European nights to the intense domestic championship races, we guarantee you the best seats to enjoy every moment at the Stadio Olimpico.

Legendary Players at the Stadio Olimpico

Francesco Totti: The Eternal Captain

Francesco Totti is synonymous with AS Roma, having spent his entire 25-year professional career at the club. Known as "Il Capitano," Totti is revered for his loyalty, technical skill, and vision on the pitch. He debuted for Roma in 1993 and quickly became a central figure, leading the team to a Serie A title in the 2000-01 season, an achievement that remains one of the highlights of his career. Totti's ability to score from seemingly impossible positions and his knack for delivering in crucial moments endeared him to fans. His retirement in 2017 was an emotional event, marking the end of an era. Totti’s legacy is immortalized at the Stadio Olimpico, where his name is still sung by the Curva Sud during every match.

Daniele De Rossi: The Midfield General

Daniele De Rossi, another one-club man, is celebrated for his leadership and tenacity in midfield. Joining Roma’s first team in 2001, De Rossi’s career spanned nearly two decades, during which he became a symbol of the club's fighting spirit. Known for his tough tackling, precise passing, and ability to score vital goals, De Rossi was instrumental in Roma's successes, including their Coppa Italia victories in 2007 and 2008. His dedication and passion for the club were evident in every match, making him a fan favorite and a natural successor to Totti as club captain. De Rossi's commitment to Roma and his performances on the international stage with Italy further cemented his legendary status.

Bruno Conti: The Creative Maestro

Bruno Conti, a key player in Roma’s 1982-83 Serie A title-winning team, is remembered for his incredible dribbling skills and creativity on the wing. Conti joined Roma in 1973 and spent most of his career at the club, becoming a crucial part of the team’s success in the 1980s. His ability to change the course of a game with his flair and vision made him one of the most exciting players of his era. Conti’s contributions were not limited to club football; he was also a standout performer for Italy, helping them win the 1982 FIFA World Cup. His legacy at Roma is marked by his exceptional talent and his role in one of the club’s most successful period.

Experience New Legends with VisitFootball

Witnessing the current stars of AS Roma create new legacies at the Stadio Olimpico is an experience like no other. VisitFootball ensures you can be part of these moments by providing a seamless way to purchase Roma tickets online. From the brilliance of Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi to the creativity of Bruno Conti, Roma’s history is filled with legendary players who have left an indelible mark on the club. Join us at VisitFootball to see the next generation of legends being made at the Stadio Olimpico.


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