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Brentford Manchester United
Premier League Premier League

Brentford vs Manchester United tickets

Date confirmed

Brentford Community Stadium, London

Saturday 30 March 2024, 20:00

Brentford Community Stadium, London

Saturday 30 March 2024, 20:00

Date confirmed
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Frequently Asked Questions about Brentford - Manchester United

You can get a ticket to the Brentford vs Manchester United match using our platform. Only choose the category you want to sit on, the ticket number, and if you only want the football match ticket or wish to prepare a complete football trip experience. After purchasing, you will receive your tickets 5 days before the match.
The best time to buy Brentford vs Manchester United tickets is 4-6 weeks before the match. While it isn’t always possible in practice, we recommend you purchase your seats sooner rather than later to ensure great points of view and experiences.
Yes, we ensure you’ll sit with your group if you purchase an even number of tickets. For odd numbers, like 3 or 7, please contact us before to confirm we have availability.
No, you can’t choose the seats where you will sit. However, you can pick the category. Since we have a limited supply, we allocate our available tickets to provide the best experience for our customers and ensure everyone is seated with their fellow travel companions.
Yes, you can arrange a Brentford Football trip with visitfootball.com. All you need to do is hit the “Receive a quote for a tailor-made football trip” button, fill out the form, and you’ll hear from us in 24 working hours with an affordable and unique trip that could include flight, accommodation, and city guide tours!

Historic Events


Although Brentford and Manchester United have a rich history that dates back to several decades ago, Manchester United have tasted more success than any English club in the past three decades, winning every possible trophy there is, including the Champions League, FA Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, and the Premier League among other trophies.

Despite the huge difference in quality, Brentford have won six of their 18 games against Manchester United, including a 4-0 victory in 2022.

Both teams are struggling in the league this season, and any team that manages to claim all three points will find them really valuable.

Smooth Entry to the Gtech Community Stadium


You will receive your tickets using NFC technology. This will allow you to go to the Gtech Community Stadium and scan the tickets directly from your phone. If you have a smartphone without this technology, contact us to find a solution.

Why use NFC tech?

  • Direct Phone Scanning: Simply bring your smartphone to the stadium. Your NFC-enabled ticket can be scanned directly from your phone, eliminating the need for printed tickets.
  • Fast and Secure: NFC technology ensures a faster entry process and enhances security, reducing the chances of ticket fraud.
  • Eco-Friendly: Using digital tickets reduces paper waste, contributing to environmental conservation.

Note: Contact us ASAP if your phone doesn’t support NFC so we can send your tickets in a different format.

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Got Your Tickets, Now What?


You wake up on match day, buzzing with excitement. You've got your Brentford vs Manchester United tickets to see the match at the Gtech Community Stadium, and you can't wait.

You start your day with a hearty breakfast at your favourite cafe, then head to the stadium early to soak up the atmosphere. Thousands of fans are milling around outside, all wearing their Team colours.

You sit and settle in, watching the teams warm up. The stadium is packed to the rafters, and the noise is deafening.

The match kicks off, and the tension is palpable. Both teams are playing at a high level, and the chances are coming thick and fast.

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