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Boca Juniors Godoy Cruz
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Boca Juniors vs Godoy Cruz tickets

Date confirmed

La Bombonera, BuenosAires

Tuesday 16 April 2024, 19:30

La Bombonera, BuenosAires

Tuesday 16 April 2024, 19:30

Date confirmed
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Frequently Asked Questions about Boca Juniors - Godoy Cruz

Using our platform, you can get a ticket to the Boca Juniors vs Godoy Cruz match. Only choose the category you want to sit on, the ticket number, and if you only want the football match ticket or wish to prepare a complete football trip experience. After purchasing, you will receive your tickets 5 days before the match.
The best time to buy Boca Juniors vs Godoy Cruz tickets is 4-6 weeks before the match. While it isn’t always possible in practice, we recommend you purchase your seats sooner rather than later to ensure great points of view and experiences.
Yes, we ensure you’ll sit with your group if you purchase an even number of tickets. For odd numbers, like 3 or 7, please contact us before to confirm we have availability.
No, you can’t choose the seats where you will sit. However, you can pick the category. Since we have a limited supply, we allocate our available tickets to provide the best experience for our customers and ensure everyone is seated with their fellow travel companions.
Yes, you can arrange a Boca Juniors Football trip with visitfootball.com. All you need to do is hit the “Receive a quote for a tailor-made football trip” button, fill out the form, and you’ll hear from us in 24 working hours with an affordable and unique trip that could include flight, accommodation, and city guide tours!

Historic Events


In the vibrant mosaic of Argentine football, Boca Juniors and Godoy Cruz paint a vivid picture of rivalry, their history a canvas of thrilling encounters. The clash between these titans is a living narrative, each game a brushstroke shaping the intense drama of their passionate competition.

Across the years, the pitch has been a stage for iconic moments that echo through time. From nail-biting goals to heated exchanges, their rivalry leaves an indelible imprint on the minds of football lovers.

As they stand on the brink of their next confrontation, the resonance of past battles intensifies the excitement. This is more than a match; it's a unique chapter unfolding, where Boca Juniors and Godoy Cruz script their stories into the ever-evolving tale of Argentine football lore.

Hassle-Free Entry Into the La Bombonera Stadium


You will receive your tickets digitally. This will allow you to go to the La Bombonera Stadium and show your tickets directly from your phone.

Why it’s the best choice?

  • Digital Tickets: Hassle-free entry with just a few taps on your smartphone, eliminating the need for physical tickets and speeding up entry lines.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduce paper waste by opting for digital tickets, aligning with the growing trend of sustainable practices in major sporting events.
  • Security and Convenience: Digital tickets minimize the risk of loss or theft and offer easy transferability and re-issuance if needed, ensuring fans a secure and smooth experience.

Don’t wait up! Get Boca Juniors vs Godoy Cruz tickets now!

Got Your Tickets, Now What?


Arrive at the stadium early for the Boca Juniors vs Godoy Cruz showdown. Seize the opportunity to soak in the atmosphere and locate your seat.

Decked out in your team's colors, you become a vibrant thread in the tapestry of fan unity weaving through the stadium.

Anticipation charges the air, and the stadium erupts in chants. Amidst thousands of voices, you add your own, becoming part of the symphony of fan passion.

Then, the game unfolds – a display of skill turning the field into a canvas of athletic artistry. The spectacle ensures your time at the Boca Juniors vs Godoy Cruz match becomes a cherished chapter in your fan journey.

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