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How can I expect to receive my match tickets?

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Once you've made a booking with us, we will secure the tickets for you. We do this in different ways: we source tickets from the clubs, in addition we work with suppliers who provide us with. When we receive the tickets, we send them directly to you. This usually happens in the week before the match. Five days before the match we also send an update on the status of the order and when you can expect the tickets. There are some clubs where we do not receive the tickets until one day before the match, then we can only send them to you. We always strive to send the tickets earlier, but unfortunately this is not always easy.

Different Types of Football Tickets

Football clubs all use different methods for tickets. Some clubs still send PDF files via email, while others use mobile links. In some cases, tickets are handed over on the spot, with our suppliers providing the tickets. Below is more information on the different types of tickets and what they entail.


This is a simple way where you receive a PDF file from us via email with the tickets. You often then have to print these out. On the PDF tickets there is often a barcode or QR code that you can scan at the stadium or that will be scanned for you. The tickets also state where you will be seated and which entrance you must use to enter the stadium.

Mobile tickets:

Nowadays, clubs are also increasingly using mobile tickets. When you receive the mobile tickets, we also send along a guide on how to put the tickets on your phone. We always ask you to try this right away, and if it doesn't work, you can call or email us right away. Then together we'll see how to get the tickets on your phone. The mobile tickets will then show up in the Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, depending on the type of phone. Furthermore, clubs distinguish between mobile tickets:

  • QR-code
  • Barcode
  • NFC-Technology

When there is a QR code or barcode on the tickets, you can scan it to enter the stadium. NFC technology is becoming increasingly common. Tickets with NFC technology do not have a QR code or barcode on them, but you can hold your tickets against the gate to enter the stadium. As with PDF tickets, mobile tickets also show where you are seated and where you can enter.

On-site supplier:

In some cases, we also use our on-site supplier. We put you in touch with the supplier where you can pick up the tickets. In some cases, our supplier also asks where you are staying overnight, then the supplier makes sure the tickets are delivered to the hotel for you. This method is not often used, but it still happens occasionally when we receive paper tickets or season tickets from the supplier. When you get the tickets delivered, we will send you a detailed email with the seats and instructions.


The process of obtaining and delivering match tickets through us is flexible and depends on several factors, including football clubs and suppliers. Although the aim is to send tickets well in advance, this can sometimes be affected by the ticketing methods of the respective clubs.

Different types of tickets are used, ranging from PDF tickets sent by email to mobile tickets stored in mobile wallets. The process of obtaining tickets can also depend on on-site vendors, especially when using paper tickets or season tickets.

All in all, Football Trips strives to provide a smooth and efficient process for obtaining and delivering match tickets, keeping the customer informed of the status of their order and providing clear instructions on how to use the tickets.