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Olympique Marseille Tickets

Looking to buy Olympique de Marseille tickets? VisitFootball provides the best options for securing your seats at the Orange Velodrome. Experience the electrifying atmosphere of Les Phocéens in action. Fun fact: the Orange Velodrome, built in 1937, is the largest club football stadium in France with a capacity of 67,394.

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Buy Olympique de Marseille Tickets with VisitFootball

When it comes to purchasing Olympique de Marseille tickets, non-members often face limitations as they can't buy tickets directly through the club. That's where VisitFootball comes in. We make it easy for fans to secure their seats at the Orange Velodrome without any hassle. Whether you're a die-hard supporter or a first-time visitor, VisitFootball offers a straightforward solution for buying tickets.

Simple 3-Step Process to Buy Tickets

Buying tickets on VisitFootball is a breeze. Follow these three simple steps to secure your spot at the next Olympique de Marseille match:

  1. Select Your Match: Visit our website and browse the list of upcoming Olympique de Marseille fixtures. Choose the match you want to attend, whether it’s a high-stakes league game or a thrilling European night.
  2. Choose Your Seats: Once you've selected your match, you'll be presented with a seating plan of the Orange Velodrome. Pick your preferred seats from various sections, including the energetic Virage Sud or the more relaxed Tribune Jean Bouin. Each section offers a unique experience, so choose the one that best suits your matchday preference.
  3. Complete Your Purchase: After selecting your seats, proceed to the checkout. Enter your details, confirm your purchase, and you'll receive an email with your e-tickets. It's that simple—no need to navigate complicated club membership systems or worry about availability.

Enjoy the Game at the Orange Velodrome

With your tickets secured through VisitFootball, all that’s left is to enjoy the game. Arrive at the Orange Velodrome ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere. From the passionate chants in the Virage Sud to the comfortable views in the Tribune Ganay, the stadium offers an unforgettable football experience.

Purchasing tickets through VisitFootball ensures a seamless process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—enjoying the match and supporting Les Olympiens. So, whether you're planning to cheer from the heart of the action or enjoy a quieter viewing experience, VisitFootball has you covered.

Experiencing a Match at the Orange Velodrome

Buying Olympique de Marseille Tickets Online

When you arrive at the Orange Velodrome for an Olympique de Marseille match, you can feel the excitement in the air. This stadium, built in 1937, is not just a venue; it's a place where football history comes alive. Fans, known as Les Minots, begin their rituals well before kick-off, creating an atmosphere that is both electric and welcoming.

The Rituals of Les Olympiens' Fans

As you approach the stadium, the first thing you'll notice is the sea of blue and white—the team colors of Les Olympiens. Supporters gather at nearby bars like O’Brady’s Irish Pub, where you can hear passionate discussions about team tactics and player performances. This Irish bar, set up by Jean-Luc Bardy, is famous for its Guinness and vibrant pre-match atmosphere.

Entering the stadium, you'll join the throngs of supporters making their way to their seats. The Orange Velodrome is divided into several sections, each with its own unique charm. The Virage Nord, for example, is named in honor of Patrice De Peretti, a legendary Marseille supporter. This section is known for its raucous and energetic fans who lead the chants and songs that echo throughout the stadium.

The Heartbeat of the Orange Velodrome

Once inside, the experience intensifies. The Virage Sud is where the ultras congregate, their fervor unmatched. These fans bring banners, flares, and an unwavering spirit that inspires the team on the pitch. The atmosphere is infectious, and even if you are a first-time visitor, you’ll find yourself swept up in the excitement.

Match Day Highlights

Before the match begins, take a moment to admire the architectural beauty of the Orange Velodrome. Designed by Henri Ploquin and Pollack Ploquin, this stadium is not just functional but also a marvel of design. With a capacity of 67,394, it is the largest club football stadium in France, offering excellent views from every seat.

During the game, the energy peaks. Fans chant in unison, creating a wall of sound that can intimidate even the toughest opponents. One popular chant is "Aux Armes," which echoes around the stadium, rallying the team and fans together. This unity is palpable, making every match at the Orange Velodrome a memorable experience.

Exploring the Stands of the Orange Velodrome

The Passionate Heart: Virage Sud

As a home fan at the Orange Velodrome, you'll want to experience the match from the Virage Sud. This is where the ultras, the most passionate supporters of Les Olympiens, gather. Known for their unrelenting spirit and vibrant displays, the Virage Sud is a sea of blue and white, with banners, flags, and flares creating an electrifying atmosphere. The chants and songs, like the famous "Aux Armes," echo through the stadium, lifting the team’s spirits. This stand is dedicated to those who live and breathe Olympique de Marseille, making every game a spectacular event.

A Calmer Vantage: Tribune Jean Bouin

For a more relaxed yet equally immersive experience, the Tribune Jean Bouin offers the perfect setting. Located along the side of the pitch, this stand provides excellent views of the game and houses many of the stadium's essential facilities, including the players' tunnel and changing rooms. The Jean Bouin stand is named after the famous runner Jean Bouin, reflecting a rich history. It’s also home to some of the best executive seats, offering comfort and a great vantage point without the intense fervor of the Virage Sud.

The Visitor's Perspective: Virage Nord

Visiting fans usually find their place in the Virage Nord, particularly in the north-east corner of the stadium. This stand is named after Patrice De Peretti, a legendary Marseille supporter known for his deep connection to the club. The Virage Nord has a unique wavy structure and is renowned for its boisterous atmosphere. Even as an away supporter, you'll feel the energy and passion that radiates from every corner of the stadium. Here, the camaraderie among visiting fans creates a sense of solidarity against the backdrop of one of France's most storied stadiums.

The Elite View: Tribune Ganay

Opposite the Jean Bouin stand is the Tribune Ganay, named after cyclist Gustave Ganay. This stand is favored for its large VIP section and the prominent flat screen that provides fans with crucial match information. The elliptical design and comfortable seating make it a preferred choice for those seeking a balanced view of the match. Sitting in the Tribune Ganay, you get a sense of the stadium's history and its evolution from a cycling velodrome to a modern football arena.

Historic Matches at the Orange Velodrome

Unforgettable European Nights

Olympique de Marseille has a rich history filled with memorable matches, especially on the grand European stage. One of the most iconic moments was the 1993 UEFA Champions League final against AC Milan. Held in Munich, this match saw Marseille claim a historic 1-0 victory, making them the first and only French club to win the prestigious tournament. Basile Boli’s decisive header secured the win, etching his name and the club's into football history. Fans who experienced this night recall the unmatched euphoria and pride that filled the air.

Epic Domestic Clashes

In domestic competitions, Marseille's rivalry with Paris Saint-Germain, known as Le Classique, has produced some of the most thrilling encounters. A standout match took place on February 26, 2023, when Marseille hosted PSG at the Orange Velodrome. The game ended in a spectacular 3-1 victory for Les Olympiens, with Dimitri Payet delivering a masterclass performance, scoring a crucial goal and assisting another. The stadium erupted in celebration, showcasing the intense passion and commitment of Marseille's supporters.

Memorable Turnarounds

Marseille has also been part of some remarkable comebacks. One such game was their 3-2 victory against AS Monaco on September 4, 2022. Down 2-1 with just minutes to go, Marseille turned the game around with goals from Arkadiusz Milik and Cengiz Ünder. The late drama left fans breathless and demonstrated the never-say-die attitude that characterizes Les Minots.

Experience the Thrill with VisitFootball

At VisitFootball, we understand the desire to witness such historic moments firsthand. By purchasing your Olympique de Marseille tickets through us, you can ensure you're part of the action. Whether it's a high-stakes European night or an intense domestic rivalry, VisitFootball makes it easy for you to secure your spot at the Orange Velodrome.

Olympique de Marseille’s Biggest Rivals

The Intensity of Le Classique: PSG vs. Olympique de Marseille

The rivalry between Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain, known as Le Classique, is one of the most heated in French football. This rivalry extends beyond the pitch, symbolizing the cultural and social differences between Paris, the capital city, and Marseille, a proud southern port city. Matches between these two teams are always highly anticipated and often deliver memorable moments.

One of the most iconic encounters was the match on February 26, 2023, at the Orange Velodrome, where Marseille triumphed 3-1 over PSG. Dimitri Payet’s exceptional performance, including a goal and an assist, was pivotal in this victory. This match exemplified the fierce competition and intense atmosphere that defines Le Classique. Players like Payet and PSG’s Neymar have often been at the center of the action, contributing to the rivalry's storied history.

A Clash of Titans: Olympique de Marseille vs. Lyon

The rivalry with Lyon, often referred to as Choc des Olympiques (Clash of the Olympics), is another significant one for Olympique de Marseille. This rivalry has grown over the years, driven by both clubs' consistent performances in Ligue 1 and their battles for European qualification.

A memorable game between these two teams occurred on May 12, 2019, when Marseille secured a thrilling 2-1 victory at the Orange Velodrome. Florian Thauvin and Mario Balotelli were instrumental in this win, with Balotelli’s iconic celebration going viral. The match was a testament to the intense rivalry and the high stakes often involved when these two teams meet.

The Mediterranean Derby: Olympique de Marseille vs. AS Monaco

The rivalry between Olympique de Marseille and AS Monaco, known as the Mediterranean Derby, is fueled by geographic proximity and competition for regional supremacy. These encounters are always fiercely contested, with both clubs vying for dominance on the Mediterranean coast.

One of the most dramatic matches in recent history was on September 4, 2022, when Marseille staged a remarkable comeback to win 3-2 against Monaco. Down 2-1 with minutes remaining, Arkadiusz Milik and Cengiz Ünder turned the game around, showcasing Marseille’s resilience and fighting spirit. Such matches highlight the intense rivalry and the dramatic flair often seen in Mediterranean Derbies.

The Ultimate Game-Day Experience at the Orange Velodrome

Exploring Marseille Before the Match

A trip to see Olympique de Marseille play at the Orange Velodrome is more than just a football match; it’s an entire day of experiences. Start your day by exploring the vibrant city of Marseille. Take a stroll through the Vieux Port, the historic old port area, where you can soak in the maritime atmosphere and admire the picturesque views. For a taste of local culture, visit the Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, which offers stunning panoramic views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

Pre-Match Eats and Drinks

Before heading to the stadium, enjoy some of Marseille’s culinary delights. The city is famous for its seafood, so make sure to try a bowl of bouillabaisse, a traditional Provençal fish stew, at a local restaurant. For a more casual meal, head to one of the many brasseries or cafes around the city center. O’Brady’s Irish Pub, known for its Guinness and lively atmosphere, is a popular spot for fans to gather and discuss the upcoming match.

The Game at the Orange Velodrome

As game time approaches, make your way to the Orange Velodrome. The stadium’s design and capacity of 67,394 create an electric atmosphere that’s palpable as soon as you arrive. Whether you’re sitting in the energetic Virage Sud with the ultras or the more relaxed Tribune Jean Bouin, you’ll be part of an unforgettable football experience.

Post-Match Celebrations

After the match, the excitement continues. Head to Brasserie du Stade, conveniently located near the stadium, for a post-match meal and drinks. Celebrate or commiserate with fellow fans while enjoying some excellent food and top-class beverages. For those who prefer a more British atmosphere, The Black Unicorn offers a great selection of lagers and ales.

A Perfect Weekend in Marseille

Day One: Discovering the Heart of Marseille

Start your weekend in Marseille by diving into its rich history and vibrant culture. Begin your day at the Vieux Port, where the bustling fish market offers a taste of local life. Wander along the harbor and take in the views of the iconic boats bobbing in the water. From there, make your way to Le Panier, the oldest district in Marseille. This area is filled with narrow streets, colorful buildings, and quaint shops. Explore the Musée des Civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée (MuCEM) to learn about the region's history and cultural diversity.

Day Two: From Landmarks to Football

On your second day, start with a visit to the Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde. This stunning basilica sits atop a hill and offers panoramic views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. After soaking in the scenery, head to the vibrant district of Noailles for a culinary adventure. Here, you can enjoy a variety of local dishes, from fresh seafood to traditional Provençal cuisine.

As the afternoon approaches, prepare for the highlight of your weekend—a visit to the Orange Velodrome to watch Olympique de Marseille in action. Secure your tickets through VisitFootball to ensure a hassle-free experience. Arrive early to soak in the pre-match atmosphere, grab a snack from one of the food stalls, and mingle with fellow fans. Whether you're sitting in the energetic Virage Sud or the more relaxed Tribune Jean Bouin, the energy and passion of the supporters will make this an unforgettable experience.

Evening Delights

After the match, continue your evening with a stroll along the Corniche, a scenic coastal road offering breathtaking views of the sea. Stop by one of the seaside restaurants for dinner, where you can enjoy delicious seafood with the sound of the waves in the background. For a nightcap, visit one of Marseille's rooftop bars, like Le Rooftop, where you can sip a cocktail while enjoying the city lights.

Securing Your Experience with VisitFootball

With VisitFootball, planning your weekend in Marseille is simple. From securing the best seats at the Orange Velodrome to providing tips on the top attractions and dining spots, VisitFootball ensures you make the most of your visit. A weekend in Marseille, filled with history, culture, and football, is an experience you won't forget.

In conclusion, Marseille offers a perfect blend of sightseeing and sports, making it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway. With its rich history, vibrant culinary scene, and the excitement of an Olympique de Marseille match, your trip promises to be memorable. Plan your visit with VisitFootball and immerse yourself in the magic of Marseille.

Olympique de Marseille's Glorious Trophies

European Triumphs: Champions League Glory

Olympique de Marseille has a storied history in European competitions, highlighted by their iconic victory in the 1992-1993 UEFA Champions League. This triumph stands out as the pinnacle of the club’s achievements, making Marseille the first and only French club to win the prestigious tournament. The final, held in Munich, saw Marseille face off against the formidable AC Milan. In a tightly contested match, Basile Boli’s header just before halftime secured a 1-0 victory. This momentous win was not just a triumph for the club, but also for French football as a whole.

Marseille’s journey to the final was filled with memorable moments and standout performances. Players like Didier Deschamps, who captained the team, and the robust defense led by Marcel Desailly were crucial in Marseille’s successful campaign. This victory immortalized the team in the annals of European football, and the memory of lifting the Champions League trophy continues to inspire both the club and its supporters.

Dominance in Domestic Competitions

On the domestic front, Olympique de Marseille has an impressive collection of Ligue 1 titles, with the club being crowned champions nine times. Their dominance in French football was particularly evident in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a period marked by several memorable seasons. The 1988-1989 season, for example, saw Marseille win the league with a team brimming with talent, including the likes of Jean-Pierre Papin, who was instrumental in their success. Papin’s goal-scoring prowess earned him the Ballon d’Or in 1991, further cementing his legacy at the club.

Another notable domestic triumph came in the 2009-2010 season when Marseille ended an 18-year wait for the Ligue 1 title. Under the management of Didier Deschamps, the team showcased a blend of experienced players and rising stars. Players such as Mamadou Niang and Lucho González played pivotal roles in the campaign, leading Marseille to a well-deserved championship. This victory not only reaffirmed Marseille’s status as a powerhouse in French football but also reignited the passion and pride of their loyal fanbase.

Legendary Players of Olympique de Marseille

Didier Deschamps: The Architect of Success

Didier Deschamps is undoubtedly one of the most revered figures in Olympique de Marseille’s history. Deschamps captained the team to their historic UEFA Champions League victory in 1993, a feat that remains unmatched by any other French club. Known for his leadership qualities and tactical intelligence, Deschamps was the heartbeat of the team’s midfield. His ability to control the tempo of the game and inspire his teammates was crucial in Marseille's success during the early 1990s. Deschamps’ contributions on the field and his exemplary leadership off it have cemented his legacy as a true Marseille legend. Fans will always remember his role in guiding the team to their greatest triumph.

Jean-Pierre Papin: The Goal-Scoring Machine

Jean-Pierre Papin, fondly known as "JPP," is another iconic figure in Marseille’s history. Joining the club in 1986, Papin quickly established himself as one of Europe’s most prolific strikers. His incredible goal-scoring record, including being the top scorer in Ligue 1 for five consecutive seasons, earned him the prestigious Ballon d’Or in 1991. Papin’s ability to score from almost any position, combined with his remarkable volleying technique, made him a nightmare for defenders. His contributions were vital in Marseille’s domestic dominance during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The sight of Papin wheeling away in celebration after yet another goal remains etched in the memories of Marseille supporters.

Basile Boli: The Hero of Munich

Basile Boli will forever be remembered for his decisive role in Marseille’s greatest European achievement. It was Boli’s header that secured the 1-0 victory against AC Milan in the 1993 UEFA Champions League final. His defensive solidity and ability to rise to the occasion in crucial moments made him a standout player for the club. Boli’s goal not only secured the most prestigious trophy in club football but also cemented his place in Marseille folklore. Fans continue to celebrate his contributions, particularly that unforgettable night in Munich.

Abedi Pele: The African Maestro

Abedi Pele, the Ghanaian playmaker, brought flair and creativity to the Marseille midfield during his time at the club from 1987 to 1993. Known for his dribbling skills, vision, and ability to unlock defenses, Pele was instrumental in Marseille’s domestic and European successes. His performances in the Champions League, especially during the 1992-1993 campaign, showcased his talent on the biggest stage. Abedi Pele’s unique playing style and significant contributions to the team’s achievements have ensured his place as one of the club’s most beloved figures.


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