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How To Get The Best Seats For Football Matches?

22 May 2024

With categories ranging from the best seats with a view of the field to seats among the most passionate supporters,

In this article you are going to read more about the different categories we offer and what their benefits are. We strive to make your dream trip abroad to cheer on your favorite team a reality! And let's face it, one of the most exciting aspects of such a trip is the experience at the stadium.

We understand that choosing your seat is an important part of an unforgettable experience. That's why we use different categories, each with its own unique charm and benefits!

How we optimize your seating experience?

You may not be able to exactly choose your seat, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a great game! In fact, with our different categories, you can choose the perfect atmosphere to suit your style and preferences. Whether you want to enjoy the view from the stands or prefer to sit close to the field for the ultimate experience, we have everything you need to make your soccer adventure unforgettable!

Whether you're looking for tickets close to the field for the best view or tickets behind the goal where fanatical supporters often sit for a cool atmosphere experience, it's all possible at

The Different Categories We Offer

Category 1: In this category you have the best seats in the stadium, with an excellent view of the field. These seats are often located near the center of the stands and offer a great view of the field, allowing you to follow everything closely.

Best Football Seats

Category 2: In this category, seats generally offer a good view of the field, albeit slightly further from the field of play than Category 1. These seats are often still highly desirable for fans looking to secure the best value quality tickets to the game.

Category 2 Seating

Category 2 Seats

Category 3: In this category, seats are usually located in the higher stands of the stadium or on the sides, which can result in a slightly less optimal view of the field. Nevertheless, these seats are often more affordable and still offer a great experience to soak up the atmosphere of the club and the game.

Category 3 Seats

Category 4: We also offer tickets for an additional category. These category 4 tickets are located in the stands among the fanatical supporters. Examples include Dortmund and Liverpool, where we offer tickets for the "Gelbe Wand" and "The Kop. These tickets are often a bit more expensive because they are difficult to obtain, but they offer the ultimate experience among the clubs' fanatical supporters. The atmosphere in the category 4 stands is overwhelming.

Category 4 Seats

Category 4 Seating

Are we sitting next to each other? 

When booking a soccer trip, it is important for customers to know what to expect from their seats. With us, it is guaranteed that two people booking together will always sit next to each other. For groups of three or more who want to sit next to each other, we recommend contacting us to ensure that the group can enjoy the game together. At, we strive to not leave anyone sitting alone.

Contact us Today!

We receive tickets from clubs in the various categories. Based on the tickets we receive, we classify everyone according to their preferences. In many cases, we can even place larger groups together, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

However, there are some exceptions, such as Barcelona, for example. At Barcelona, they always make sure you sit two to a side, but the exact placement in the stadium is determined by Barcelona and we have little influence on that. Although at Barcelona they take into account if you are a group of four and try to seat you together, sometimes it can happen that two people sit in row 3 and the other two sit in row 7. We always strive to arrange the best possible seats for our clients, but in some cases we are dependent on the clubs guidelines. Therefore, we always recommend contacting us with three or more people. You can contact us in several ways to inquire about the possibility of sitting next to each other. This can be done via:

Telephone: +31 (0)30 369 00 59
Whatsapp: 06 43 17 18 42


We aim to provide a great experience for Football fans who want to cheer on their favorite teams abroad. While choosing seats is not possible, the system with its various categories still provides plenty of options to choose the best seats in the stadium to suit your needs.

With categories ranging from the best seats with a view of the field to seats among the most passionate supporters, we can offer a wide range to suit your needs.

Moreover, we guarantee that travelers who book together will be seated next to each other, further enhancing the travel experience. With various communication channels available, we are committed to meeting every customer need in finding the perfect seats so that you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

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