We believe that to truly Visit Football you need to see more than the match. Come kick off we want you to have felt the passion and energy that is at the beating heart of the Premier League. We want you to feel connected with your football team and will guide you through the history and culture of English Football. Visit Football have an exclusive range of VIP tours offering the very best in luxury travel. From hospitality suites and 5* hotels to helicopter flights and boat trips, we cater to the finer things in life. Our experience in serving the most exclusive of clients prepares us for making you an honoured guest in our country. We also have fantastic tours for sports teams and schools where you can enjoy a wonderful mix of both playing and watching football. Or if you want to create your own dream football experience we can make it happen, with our custom designed tours. Please follow one of the links below and start on the path to a once in a lifetime football experience.

VIP Tours

Luxury and the Premier League are synonymous and our tours give you a dream insight into England's most famous and wealthy asset. We match the style and quality that you see on the pitch with VIP treatment throughout your journey in England. Our exclusive football experiences come in three levels of excellence. Choose your level of opulence by clicking on the options below and discover the exciting tours and travel opportunities available with Visit Football.

Gold Tours

  • Private tour, Minimum 2 guests
  • Suites at 5* Hotels
  • Michelin Starred Restaurants
  • Two VIP Hospitality matches
  • Luxury vehicles and off plane service
  • Box seats at the London Opera House

This elite Gold travel experience is the ultimate journey of opulence and exclusivity through the world-famous sights, sounds and sensations of England. Visit Football has handpicked the very best suites at the most famous hotels, made bookings at the finest Michelin star restaurants, secured private off-plane services and sourced tickets to two VIP hospitality matches in both London and Manchester. This is luxury football travel like you have never experienced before.

Silver Tours

  • Executive rooms at 5* hotels
  • An exclusive Hospitality Match Ticket to a top Premier League match
  • All meals included at top quality UK Restaurants
  • Max number of guests 6, Min 4
  • VIP Wembley Stadium tour
  • Exclusive James Bond River Thames Experience

Visit Football’s Superb Silver Tours offer luxury travel experiences giving you an exclusive insight into football culture and style in England. On all our weekend trips and 9 day tours we keep our guest numbers to a minimum ensuring you have the best guest service and, with hospitality match day seating and executive hotel rooms throughout you will feel like an honoured guest. All meals are included; your tastebuds will be delighted and with special sightseeing extras you will see England like never before…prepare to be dazzled!

Bronze Tours

  • Deluxe rooms at 4* hotels
  • Max number of guests 12, Min 6
  • Hospitality Match Ticket to Premier League match
  • London West End Theatre performance
  • VIP Helicopter Flight
  • Personal Shopping Experience

Our Bronze tours bring you high quality football inspired holidays offering great value to you our honoured guest. If you want a holiday to England like no other on the market, where football and more will zap your senses and leave you thrilled and enamoured with all that is British, then take a look at our incredible selection of tours below.

Other Tours